A bad ignition coil will damage your transmission? Symptoms to tell you Automatic Transmission is bad!

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When your transmission is wearing out, it brought worse problems than any other mechanical component during the lifetime of your vehicle!

Because its function is so essential and crucial, today we’re sharing the most common symptoms of transmission for you.

If you are noticing these signs of transmission, you need to have your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic immediately!

Signs Of Transmission Failure?


#1 Limp Home Mode and Stuck in 2nd Stage:

The transmission is such a creative creature in automotive industry.

They are very complex in modern cars so Manufacturers also create a protection system to save the failing transmission in time.

So most modern vehicles have a "limp home mode" which is intended to prevent further damage whenever something is wrong with transmission.

When the vehicle gets into the limp home mode situation, it means your car is stocking in 2nd gear and unable to gear to higher speeds and which is exactly the “protection design” I talked.

Limp home mode design enables you to drive the car for a while.

So take this window time, no hesitate to bring your car to the mechanics you trust for the thorough check.


Years ago, a repair shop friend told us that his customer ever asked for his help from another mechanic.

The customer just had his transmission replaced but still had the same problem.

When at the high speed, the transmission would suddenly dropped out the top gear and go to the lower gear and it wasn’t shifted right.

The mechanic suggested him to replace the whole transmission and he accepted.

But this didn’t solve his problem completely.

So when this customer came to our repair shop friend, he scanned the whole vehicle first to diagnose the problem.

Turning out that the car has misfire problem and all he had was a bad ignition coil on one cylinder of the engine.


What is a bad coil has to do with the transmission system you may ask?

The reason is the modern cars have the complex transmission which has close relationship with the engine and operates closely via the solenoid and sensor.

So it’s designed to send the signal to transmission when any components in the engine chamber go wrong.

And it will send the faulty code like P0302 to tell you the exact problem.


So, remember to find the mechanic you trust, otherwise, you may encounter the same experience like this car owner or like me.

Since we talk about the transmission drop out to the lower gear, let’s see the next symptom.


#2 Starts Slipping :


Couple reasons may cause the slipping gear problem except the ignition coil we just mentioned earlier. And here they are.

Gears wear out:

Worn or rounded gears cannot be properly linked together so it may cause erratic shifting and slipping when you accelerate and drive.

cite the source:



Insufficient transmission fluid:

If the fluid is low, worn out, or has burned, the hydraulic pressure will be to low to support the transmission function.


Clutch Problems:

The clutch assembly is important to any type of transmission. Because the clutches shift gears and make the transmission perform efficiently. Any worn out or damage will influence transmission function directly.


Solenoid failure:

The solenoid controls the flow of transmission fluid throughout the transmission. If it isn’t working properly, it will fail to deliver correct signal to engine and transmission to cooperate right in time.
It could lead to the transmission overheating and slipping.


Transmission Belt Chain bands:

The banded transmission belt chain will cause the transmission to slip. You can replace the defective bands to fix this problem.



#3 Leaking Fluid:

Seeing spots under your car? Leaking fluid is recognizable and easy to diagnose and it’s an obvious sign to tell you something is wrong with your engine or transmission.

If you spot a reddish fluid leaking from your car, the transmission will operate with low fluid pressure and lead to overheating chance.

You should take it to a transmission repair shop immediately.

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#4 Burning Smells:

There are a lot of strange smells you may sense when the car needs to be repaired. However, if you notice a burning smell while driving, it could be either your engine oil or transmission fluid is too low.


After a vehicle reaches high mileage this fluid can either start to leak out or burn inside the transmission. The burnt fluid typically means the transmission has overheated, which can cause serious friction ​problems among the other parts in the transmission


#5 Check Engine Light Comes On:

When your check engine light comes on, it can point to many things and one of which is your transmission! This is especially important when it could be a problem with your transmission, and you shouldn’t ignore them.

Now, most new cars have sensors installed everywhere to ensure that you will not damage the car, and it can help detecting problems when you feel them.

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Have you started to feel some jerking, shaking, or grinding while driving down the road?

When you drive an automatic transmission, it responds immediately, or is there a delay when you shift?


#6 Grinding sounds:


Automatic and manual transmission both make unique sounds when they start to go bad, and you’ll also notice your car having difficulty getting into the correct gears.

One of the most common signs of transmission trouble is the grinding sound that occurs during shifting.

Gear grinding is a common symptom of manual transmission vehicles. Automatic transmission failures usually start with some hesitation during gear shifting.
Some people may also describe this as " slipping ". When the transmission slips, it might feel like the vehicle is slow to respond. It usually also means that the power produced by the engine does not get to the wheels.

Anytime you hear strange noises it's important that they are checked out by a professional mechanic.



What Should I Do if My Transmission is Failing?

It is not safe to drive with a transmission system that is not working correctly.

Take note of any specific signs and symptoms you’re noticing,

pull over to the side of the road, and call to get your car towed immediately, so you can explain the situation effectively to a professional mechanic.



How To Take Care of My Automatic Transmission

 1.Regularly checking the transmission fluid is the easiest and quickest way to maintain your transmission, and use the right type of transmission fluid, you can consult the vehicle's user manual to determine which type of transmission fluid you should use.

Engine Oil Dipstick For AUDI Q5 A6 3.2 A8 S6 S7 4.0 CCAA CALA 06E115611H - #01015-83010

Automatic Oil Transmission fluid Dipstick For Mercedes-Benz 722.6 140589152100 - #32726-83010


 2.Regularly change the transmission filter. Whether the car has a transmission filter depends on the make and model. But when the transmission is flushed, the filter should be replaced every time


3.The vehicle’s cooling system helps to prevent the engine from overheating. But it’s also important that ensure the transmission fluid pumping through the gearbox is cooled too.


 4.Don’t change gears while your car is moving. Please change gears after your vehicle complete stop. If don't, this will lead to a serious problem with your transmission.


 5.Inspect your transmission annually. It is wise that let a certified transmission repair expert perform a detailed diagnostic check on the transmission at least once a year as preventative maintenance.


Usually, regular maintenance of the vehicle or quick inspection when abnormal conditions are found that can avoid the expensive repair costs.


The most important thing is to understand the symptoms of the transmission before it fails and take it to an experienced professional repair shop, which can extend the service life of the transmission and save your money.


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