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We Know Your Worries

Is this the timing chain kit I need?
Which turbo charger is for my car?
Can I replace single chain to double chain?
How can I know what components are included in every timing kit?
Can I replace the VVT gear with standard gear?
Why dsg 7 dq200 transmission control plate has so many problems?
Solenoid transmission? Variable Valve Timing Soleonid?

Yes, these are the common questions the product managers often encounter when they are sourcing the engine parts. So HJL is here to assist You!

What We Can Do for You

1. Data Base Support
    Your own team to check correct parts for you in 24hrs.
    Car model & year, OE number, Chassis or VIN number.
    Just give any above data, we can feedback all parts we have for your inquiry. 

2. Shipment Anytime
    Shorten your order procedure and save money on stock 

3. Full Range 10,000+ Parts Collection



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