111 + Water Bunch Balloons Fast Fill & Self Tyling Hot Summer Fun Toy Set - #FUNKT-01000

  • $7.99


About the product:
Premium Quality balloons that last long and do not pop while filling.
Multi and vibrant colored balloons to appeal to everyone, especially to kids.
Bio-degradable, odor-free, chemical-free to keep your family safe.
Fill these balloons with water or with air - they are manufactured for all occasions!


  • Quick-Fill and Tie 111 colorful water balloons in less than 10 Seconds.
  • No More Spilling Water, No More Tying Knots Comes with 111 pieces of balloons in assorted colors, including blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, green and red, abundant quality and multiple colors for most occasions
  • Biodegradable Balloons are Safer for the Environment
  • Balloons that are not inflated or broken may pose a choking hazard for Children Ages 3 Years to children. They need to be used under adult supervision. The broken balloons should be discarded immediately.
  • Applicable: ideal for kids' parties, commencements, wedding receptions, peppy business demonstrations and other outdoor activities; can be filled with water or air; suitable for livening up the party venue and win over the hearts of the kids by giving balloons as party favors.

Package Included: 

  • Option(111pcs): 1 set Water Bunch Balloons.
  • Option(222pcs): 2 set Water Bunch Balloons.
  • Option(333pcs): 3 set Water Bunch Balloons.
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