2.5 exhaust clamp 304 Stainless Steel V-band T-bolt Mild Steel Flange 3pcs set - #TOKIT-99025

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Product information :

  • Each set consists of two Mild Steel Flat flanges and one High quality CNC Stainless Steel V-band clamp. V-band flanges are machined to allow them to slide about 1/8" onto the pipe before welding, providing a leak free exhaust seal with no gasket required.
  • New development and durable than anyothers, and the locknut threading or the threaded rod are machined well enough to make this part reusable.They provide a quicker disassembly yet provide a great seal with even pressure at the flange.
  • This V-band kit is ideal for connecting different pipe sections even if you're making a downpipe, catback exhaust, turbo back exhaust, mid pipe, or up pipe for your car. V-Band Flange don't need multiple nuts, bolts, washers and a gasket and also still allows for a connection with a single nut.
  • - We solve the clamps problem of the other brand. Our clamps are new development and durable to provide effective fastening solution for exhaust system. Handy use for turbocharger, turbo parts, charge piping, intake pipe and performance exhaust systems.
  • - Easy Installation. Our V-Band clamp is the best retainer for those application requiring frequent removals. Easy on & off by adjusting the single nut. Completed set includes nuts and bolts to make sure the exhaust section stays sealed and secured.
  • We still suggest to use anti-seize for provide the T-bolt breaking off, although we had increase the rigidity of T-Bolt.If there is any problem, please contact us and our team will slove the problem for you.


*Measure before purchasing .Flange size 2.5", Clamp size will bigger than 2.5", make sure the size right .


1 x Stainless Steel V Band Clamp

2 x Mild Steel Flange

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