3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer Vlog Youtuber Smart Face tracking - #MOBIL-31100

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  • Equipped with 6 stabilization modes with its three-axis stabilization on the X, Y, and Z direction.
  • Experience immersive framing and tracking objects with upgraded FPV entry mode, Lock Mode, Inception Mode, Once-Click Vertical Shot, and Power Button.
  • Comes with 320 degrees and 180-degree Panorama Mode, Omni-directional, and Super-large perspective.
  • Perfect optimization and stabilization effect perfect for stable action and sports shots.
  • Excellent long-life battery that allows you to use for 12 hours long and multi-angle shots.
  • Intimate design, easy to expansion: 1/4 inch expansion port, it is equipped with various shooting accessories, free switching of multi-scene applications, tripod, microphone, fill light and other arbitrary expansion.
  • Phone Go mode, rapid transition: In Phone Go mode, the motor controls the PID to quickly follow the heading. You only need to quickly turn the stabilizer to achieve cool transition effects and record fast-moving scenes clearly and smoothly.
  • AI intelligent recognition, face tracking: The face is automatically locked through the AI algorithm, the gimbal's yaw axis and pitch axis automatically follow the object to move, and the picture is centered. With AI beautification and filter effects, follow-ups are not hard and selfies are more charming.
  • Time-lapse photography, condensing the beautiful scenery of Light: Turn on time-lapse photography, walk and shoot, shuttle the footprints between the cities, and the flow of people flowing around the building, condensing the splendor in the form of art.
  • What you see and what you get, you have a BIG view of the world: the big movie presents a big scene, and the panoramic mode is turned on with one button, leaving a magnificent view instantly.
  • Innovative design, complex and simple: Install the phone, no need to lock the screw, you can adjust the center of gravity with a light pull, immediately turn on the director mode, never miss a fleeting shot.
  • Compatible with action cameras, Screen sizes 6.5" and below smartphones and Go Pro cameras 4, 5, 6, 7.

  • Color: Black
  • Size: 29.5 x 11.3 x 7.2cm
  • Weight: 490g
  • Plug: Micro USB
  • Tilt, Roll, Pan Angle Range: 320 degree
  • Max Rotational Speed: 5/S
  • Clamp Range: 58.6-92mm
  • Max Load Weight: 250g
  • Bluetooth name: Capture 2S
  • Applicable Phone: Android and iOs/iPhone
  • Battery Charging Time: 2-5 hours
  • Battery Operation Time: 12 Hours
  • Battery: Lithium Battery 2200mAh
  • Operating System: Android 8.1+ or iOS 10+
  • Operational Volume: 5V
  • Operation Current: 100mAh-200mAh (Standard 150mAh)
  • Operation Temperature: 0-40℃
  • Attachment Interface: 1/4 Threaded Hole

Operational Control:
Front Button
  • Programmable button-through APP Wheel
  • Rotation - Zoom Control
  • Press - Wheel node change to pan or tilt (Programmable through APP)

Power Button
  • Click switch mode and automatically boot default green light followed by blue light FPV mode, leaving only two modes. (Semi-follow needs to be set in the APP.

FPV Mode
  • Click the power button to the blue light state.

Mad Dog Mode
  • Single press of In full follow mode, heading follow mode, and FPV mode and then long-press the trigger. Press the left and right key to quickly turn the handle.

Lock Mode
  • Long press and hold the trigger key. Enter the lock mode and you will see the red light indicator.

One-Click Vertical Shot
  • Double-click the power button, enter the vertical shooting mode.

  • Due to shooting, the pictures on the webpage may be slightly different from the actual products. The pictures are for reference only, and the colors are subject to the actual received products.
  • Buyer might bear the custom fee and taxes if needed.



1 x 3-axis stabilizer

1 x Mini Trip pod

1 x Carry Soft bag

1 x Hanging strap

1 x User Manual

1 x Counterweight

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