4 PCS Car Door Warning Light 5 LED Wireless Safety Anti collision Alarm Lamp - #ASSRY-73664

  • $11.98


Car LED door warning lights is designed to prevent the Rear-END collision in the condition of easy
installation.This warning lights fitted to universal vehicle drivers to convey the provide additional
warning of a hazard when stationary to passerby, motorcyclist or other Drivers.

1.No wiring design, do not destroy the original car line, just paste the way to DIY can be warning
2.When the door is turned on, the red light flashes rapidly, warning the rear to the car, to avoid the
dim light when the accident occurred and chase;Products are divided into three warnings, the first 6
seconds "rapid flash" mode, in order to achieve the best warning to the rear of the car
3.Light 110 seconds after the automatic power failure, then the warning light can be passive
"reflection" light to remind the rear
4.Waterproof IP67, high-tech component sensing, superior endurance, standby time up to 3 years
5.Product use CR2032 button battery, screw cap design, can replace the battery

LED Size: Diameter 1.13" x Thick 0.35"
Magnet Size: Diameter 0.80" x Think 0.16

Installation Tips:
1. Heating, Increase Viscosity (don't too close)
2. Press 5 seconds at least
3. Install it in the position does not affect closing the door

Package Included:
4 x Car door warning light 5 LED

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