Car Trunk Organizer Box+Cooler&Waterproof Bag Collapsible for Cars Outdoor - #STOGE-BX010

  • $59.98



  • BOX: High Grade PP (certified through SGS environmental protection)
  • Waterproof bag: PVC
  • Color: Black / Gray


  • Large and practical car trunk organizer offers the perfect storage solution for all your supplies.
  • Anyone who does a bit of grocery shopping has lost an orange or two after the groceries bags have spilled out into their car on the way home. This car trunk organizer is the best picks for the shopper of the family.
  • This is perfect for trips to the mountain house when we have to carry lots of gear from the car into the house. it keeps everything organized and makes moving between locations much easier to manage.
  • When you don’t need the extra storage in your car or truck, you don’t want to be stuck finding a place to store the organizer. This trunk organizer will fold down to a small size, so it isn’t in the way.
  • If you have any fishing enthusiast in the family, you will probably want this sturdy organizer with a waterproof bag, cooler bag and lid.

Folding: 49*35*5.5cm
Extended: 49*35*23.5cm
Cooler bag: 25L (42.5*32.5*20.5cm)
Waterproof bag: 28L (43.5*31.5*22.5cm)

Package Include:
1 x Foldable Box
1 x Cooler Bag
1 x Waterproof bag

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