Car Wash High Pressure Water/Soap Foam Spray Gun+2.2 M Pipe Plants Watering Set - #CWASH-JT220

  • $79.98


Material Water Gun: Zinc Alloy Metal+Copper
Material Water Pipe: PET+Nylon fabric
Dimension Water pipe: 7.5 meters(without water filled) to 22.5 meters(full filled water)
Soap foam creater box: Switchable water volue and different volume of foam spraying

1. Metal-made:The nozzle and water pipe joint are made of metal to ensure durability, so you don't have to worry about rusting or cracking.
2. Full-Metal Pressure-Mounted Long Rod with Greater Water Pressure and Long Range.
3. Comfortable grip, nozzle with labor-saving buckle, which frees you from holding during long-term use, and reduces hand fatigue.
4. The upgraded nozzles provide more pressure and a variety of spray patterns to suit your needs, including watering the garden, cleaning the yard, cleaning the car, etc.
5. Adjust the water spray model as you like: Simply rotate the nozzle and you can call up different water splashes.
6. Include Soap Foam Creator case allow you easily spraying the soap around whole car when doing car washing.
7. Durable water pipe 2.2 meters(86 inches) with high tensile fabric wrapped

Package Inlude: 
1 x Water Gun
1 x Water Pipe
1 x Soap Foam creater

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