HP motorcycle dash cam HD1080P dual 136° lens Wifi waterproof dash cam motorbike - #M550

  • $269.00


Product Introduction:

  • Amazing voice recorder performance!
  • Intelligent noise reduction, effectively filter environmental noise and retain human voice
  • 1080p HD dual lens, 30fps high frame number, no Caton
  • Front and rear 136 ° ultra wide angle lens to capture all details
  • HDR high dynamic imaging, soft but exposed image light
  • Sony starvis photosensitive coil, clear at night
  • Instant recording, 5 second power on, stable and uninterrupted power supply
  • TS Format, record every second and save every second. Connect to the exclusive app for instant download
  • Integrated multi-function wire control, one key control at the fingertips
  • Collision and dumping detection, gravity sensing, automatic locking, good peace of mind
  • Complimentary 64g memory card (maximum 128G)
  • Free GPS system, tracking record, speed measurement.
  • One year warranty for the main machine (host, line group and lens)

Product specifications:


Resolution front / rear lens Full HD 1080hdr 30fps

Image element Sony's starvis star light level photosensitive element

Lens 136 ° six layer optical lens

Aperture f1.55

Video format TS format H.264 + ADPCM codec

Picture format JPG format 1920x1080



App instant download √

Movie backup √

GPS track record √

One click lock file √



Wi-Fi √


Microphone √

Intelligent noise reduction √

Input voltage 12 / 24 V

Waterproof grade IP65 ~ 67

Gravity sensor 3-axis gravity sensor

Memory slot microSD / SDHC card slot (up to 128GB)

※ microSD card with transmission speed above V30 is recommended

Host size 80 x 50 x 20 mm

Host weight 84g

Lens size 48 x 42 x 33 mm


Product specifications:

It is recommended to go to a nearby vehicle store to assist in installation.

The damage during DIY installation or any man-made damage will not be covered in the warranty.

Package contents:

1 x Host

1 x Dust and heat insulation sleeve

1 x Front & Rear lens

1 x GPS

1 x Wire Controller

1 x Power Cord

1 x License Plate Bracket

2 x Ring Support

2 x Buckle Devil Felt

10 x Harness Tape

10 x Harness Clamp

1 x QRcode Card (Manual / APP)

1 x Wire Marking Sticker


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