In Line Spark Plug Pick Up Coil Tester Ignition Diagnostic Auto Engine Test Tool - #TOKIT-99732

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Product Description:

  • INLINE SPARK PLUG TESTER Easily determine which cylinder is causing issues with this spark plug test light; Simply connect the spark detector spark plug tool between the spark plug and the plug wire then start the engine; If sparks are being sent, the in line spark tester will mirror the spark by lighting up; If checking a no start condition, have a friend crank the engine so you can watch for indications of a spark
  • Universal fit for all 2- or 4-stroke, single or multi-cylinder gasoline engines.Immediately identifies a problem with spark or fuel.Takes about 30 seconds.
  • Made with the reliable materials to allow you to test if your spark plug is working properly. Saves time & money by checking if the problem is actually in your ignition.
  • Spark plug light spark checker indicates inconsistencies and sparks in a way that keeps you safe from electric currents; Intense bright white light indicates a healthy spark while jumping and dim color indicates a weak coil or plug; Remove the guesswork by using this lawn mower spark plug tester and coil pack tester; Disassemble sparkplug tester tool to access and replace the internal bulb
  • Material: A 3-inch (7.6 cm) nickel-plated shaft and a 7-inch (17.8 cm) rubber boot and cable,
  • Size: In addition to a 1 inch (2.5 cm) lampshade, the length of the tool is 11.3 inches (28.8 cm)
Package Includes:
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