Outdoor cutter insect repellent repelente de mosquitos coil holder backyard 2PCS - #PAITO-MOS77

  • $16.88



  • 1. Handy & Easy to carry around this coil holder everywhere the activities are. Indoor or outdoor garden, swimming pool or beaches, patio picnic or camping; no more worries the mosquitoes.
  • 2. Sophisticated design assimilate into your elegant interior decoration. Suitable for any size of your mosquito insect repellent coils or retro portable mosquito incense. With lid in the bottom, it's easy to collect the ashes and no messy around.
  • 3. Safety First! Nice quality construction to keep kids from being burned with ashes when they play around. Keep fire away, safe to keep it on table or on the ground.
  • 4. Wet Lid no Problem! If lid filled with water when you left it outdoor over night raining, it not affect to light up the coils. It is normal to have grease stain after coils are burned. Suggest to remove stains after every time use with wet cloth.
  • 5. Made of high grade steel with hand made gold paint coating. Tiny paint stains may retain on the surface during the waiting time of dry process. But not affect the beauty.

Package list:

1 x Holder- Circle Top Bird Cage

1 x Holder- Triangle Top Castle

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