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4 Reasons why my car makes squeaking & screeching noise?

Posted by Candy Lai on

Whenever the squealing sound occurs from the vehicle, very possible is the belt thing problem. Worn or loose belts are common cause to car screeching. Still, reasons vary from different timing when you hear the squealing noise. So when you hear the noise from the car, be cool, and try to tell where the noise is from first.Locate the squealing noise source:1. When you start the car2. When you accelerate 3. While apply the brakes4. Squealing from steering wheel turns5. When car is idling If the sound occurs often when you accelerate the car, very possible you need to replace...

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How do you know if the timing chain is worn?

Posted by MIchel Chen on

How do you know if the timing chain is worn?A timing chain is lubricated by the engine oil. Lack of oil changes, low oil level or poor oil quality can cause the timing chain to wear.Often, if the timing chain is worn the engine may feel sluggish, low on power or have troubles starting. This is because as the chain wears out, it stretches and the ignition and valve timing becomes more retarded.A worn timing chain, guides or chain tensioner can also cause variety of noises originating from the timing chain cover area of the engine. The timing chain noises...

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