Top 5 BEST PERFORMANCE BMW CARS | BMW E90? OR TOP SPEED BMW I8? The Best Performance Car BMW Has Ever Built?

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BMW is a well-known and respected automotive brand with a rich history. It is known for producing luxury vehicles that emphasize performance, driving dynamics, and innovative technology.
And yes, I’m the one of so many their fans.
We all know that BMW has a wide range of models, from sedans and SUVs to sports cars and electric vehicles.
So today’s let’s talk about the Top 5 best performance vehicles you shouldn’t miss out.

With the comparison of all the BMW models back to September 2021, here are five BMW models that are generally considered to be both affordable and reliable while offering good performance:


  • BMW E46 330i: The E46 330i is known for its balanced handling and performance. We just had the discussion in our last video. It is equipped with a 3.0-liter inline-six engine producing around 225 horsepower. It's a popular choice for those seeking a reliable and relatively affordable BMW.
    Current Prices:$6,000-$14,000


  • BMW E39 540i: The E39 540i is a powerful and well-regarded model. It features a 4.4-liter V8 engine producing around 282 horsepower. It offers a great balance of performance and luxury while still being relatively affordable in the used car market.

  • BMW E90 335i: The E90 335i is part of the 3 Series lineup and is known for its turbocharged inline-six engine. It delivers impressive power, with models producing around 300 horsepower. While prices may vary, it can provide a great balance of performance and affordability.
    Current Prices: $6000-$15,000


  • BMW E82 135i: The E82 135i is a compact and sporty coupe that offers excellent performance. It comes with a turbocharged inline-six engine producing around 300 horsepower. It's known for its nimble handling and strong acceleration.
    Current Prices:$8,000-$15,000


  • BMW E36 M3: While the E36 M3 is considered a high-performance BMW, it can still be found at relatively affordable prices compared to newer M3 models. It features a 3.0-liter inline-six engine with around 240 horsepower and offers a thrilling driving experience.
    Current Prices:$7,000-$50,000

    The prices and availability can vary over time and depending on your location. It's always recommended to do thorough research and inspections when considering purchasing a used car to ensure its condition and reliability.

    Per these Top-5 vehicles, the debates for the best car that BMW ever made are never end between e90 and e46.
    BMW E90 and E46 are two different generations of the BMW 3 Series, and they have their own distinct characteristics and features. Here's a comparison between the two:


    Design: The E90 (produced from 2005 to 2013) and E46 (produced from 1998 to 2006) have different design aesthetics. The E90 features a more modern and angular design, while the E46 has a sleek and curvier appearance.


    Technology: The E90 introduced several technological advancements compared to the E46. It featured iDrive, BMW's infotainment system, which offered enhanced multimedia capabilities. The E90 also had more advanced safety features and options like adaptive cruise control and active steering, which were not available or limited on the E46.


    Performance: Both the E90 and E46 offered a range of engine options, including various petrol and diesel engines. However, the E90 introduced new engine options like the twin-turbocharged N54 engine in the 335i model, which provided impressive power and performance compared to the E46's engines. The E90 also had improved handling and suspension systems, contributing to a more refined and agile driving experience.


    Interior Space: The E90 had a slightly larger interior, providing more legroom and headroom compared to the E46. This increased cabin space offered improved comfort for both the driver and passengers.


    Build Quality: While the E46 is generally regarded as a well-built and reliable model, the E90 saw improvements in terms of overall build quality and materials. The E90 featured better insulation, reducing noise and vibration levels inside the cabin.


    Price: As the E90 is a newer generation, it tends to have a higher price in the used car market compared to the E46. However, the specific price can vary depending on factors such as mileage, condition, and optional features.


    It's important to note that individual preferences, needs, and priorities can play a significant role in deciding between the E90 and E46. Consider factors such as budget, desired features, performance requirements, and personal design preferences when making a choice between these two BMW 3 Series generations.

    How is your experience with BMW?
    Comment below to let us know your ideal BMW models and why?

    In our last video, we talked about E46 M3 already about its common problems hacks to maintain the car.
    So today we’d like to talk more about the E90.

    How long does BMW E90 engine last

    The lifespan of a BMW E90 engine can vary depending on various factors such as maintenance, driving conditions, and individual driving habits. However, with proper care and maintenance, it's not uncommon for a BMW E90 engine to last well over 200,000 miles (320,000 kilometers) or more.


    Regular maintenance, including oil changes, fluid replacements, and following the manufacturer's recommended service intervals, is crucial for the longevity of the engine. Using high-quality fluids, performing timely repairs, and addressing any issues promptly can also help extend the engine's lifespan.


    Additionally, driving habits can have an impact on engine longevity.
    Gentle driving, avoiding aggressive acceleration and high RPMs, and allowing the engine to warm up properly before pushing it hard can help reduce wear and prolong the engine's life.


    It's important to note that individual experiences may vary, and there can always be exceptions depending on various factors. Regular maintenance and proactive care are key to maximizing the lifespan of any car engine, including the BMW E90.

    And this leads us to the most popular car which been discussed often recently and that’s the BMW I8.

    Once again, this model is another hot baby myself really dream to own.

    The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car that combines futuristic design with hybrid technology. It features a striking and aerodynamic exterior design that stands out on the road. The i8 has a unique and sporty appearance, with butterfly doors and sleek lines.


    Performance-wise, the i8 offers a combination of an electric motor and a turbocharged three-cylinder engine, delivering a total system output of around 369 horsepower. It provides impressive acceleration and can go from 0 to 60 mph in just over four seconds.


    One notable aspect of the i8 is its hybrid drivetrain, allowing it to operate in electric-only mode for short distances. This helps reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The i8 also offers different driving modes, including Sport, Comfort, and Eco Pro, which allow drivers to customize the driving experience to their preferences.


    Inside the cabin, the i8 features a modern and driver-focused design. It incorporates high-quality materials, including carbon fiber elements, and advanced technology features such as a digital instrument cluster and a large central display for infotainment and navigation.


    While the i8 offers impressive performance and a unique design, it's important to consider factors such as practicality, as the i8 is a two-seater with limited trunk space.

    Additionally, the i8's hybrid system and advanced technology components may require specialized maintenance and could potentially have higher repair costs compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.


    Ultimately, opinions on the BMW i8 may vary among individuals based on their preferences for design, performance, and the integration of hybrid technology. It's recommended to research and test-drive the i8 to determine if it aligns with your specific desires and requirements

    BMW vehicles are often praised for their handling capabilities, powerful engines, and high-quality interiors. The brand has a reputation for producing cars that deliver a sporty and engaging driving experience.


    Like any brand, BMW has its strengths and weaknesses. Some potential considerations for BMW owners or prospective buyers include the cost of ownership, maintenance and repair expenses, and the complexity of some of the advanced technology found in newer BMW models.


    Ultimately, opinions about BMW can vary among individuals based on their personal experiences, preferences, and expectations. It's always a good idea to research and test-drive BMW vehicles to see if they align with your specific needs and desires before making a purchasing decision.

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