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6 Common 42RLE Problems Which Transmission Repair Shop Can Fix Your Jeep Wrangler

Posted by Candy Lai on

Who makes the 42rle transmission? Where can resolve a problems when 42rle transmission gose wrong? What is the cost of the Jeep liberty transmission and Jeep Wrangler transmission? How much is jeep wrangler transmission price? Where can resolve a problems when jeep wrangler automatic transmission shifting badly? Why does my jeep wrangler jk automatic transmission have problems with shifting? Jeep Wrangler 42RLE Automatic Transmission is also called the Chrysler 42RLE, A606 or Ultradrive.  Not only for Wrangler, it is also used in Liberty, Jeep JK Wranglers (2007 to 2013), TJ/TJL Wranglers (2003 to 2006), dodge charger, challenger, and ram 1500. Chrysler recalled around 250,000...

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Different PCM design on Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8

Posted by MIchel Chen on

How do you reset the computer on 2004 jeep grand cherokee pcm? How do I reprogram my jeep pcm? What does the pcm module jeep grand Cherokee do? What are the most common problems with the jeep grand cherokee pcm? Here are some of the most common things that happen when your jeep grand cherokee engine control module is bad.   Different PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Design on Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 There are two types of PCMs (Powertrain Control Module): JTEC and NGC. JTEC is the older controller, and NGC is the newer controller. There is an easy...

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