6 Common 42RLE Problems Which Transmission Repair Shop Can Fix Your Jeep Wrangler

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Who makes the 42rle transmission?
Where can resolve a problems when 42rle transmission gose wrong?
What is the cost of the Jeep liberty transmission and Jeep Wrangler transmission?
How much is jeep wrangler transmission price?
Where can resolve a problems when jeep wrangler automatic transmission shifting badly?
Why does my jeep wrangler jk automatic transmission have problems with shifting?
Jeep Wrangler 42RLE Automatic Transmission is also called the Chrysler 42RLE, A606 or Ultradrive

Not only for Wrangler, it is also used in Liberty, Jeep JK Wranglers (2007 to 2013), TJ/TJL Wranglers (2003 to 2006), dodge charger, challenger, and ram 1500.

Chrysler recalled around 250,000 vehicles equipped with 42RLE transmission in November 2005.
The cup plug that was supposed to hold the park anchor shaft was not properly installed.
To solve this uncertain risk and prevent the potential injury, dealers were instructed to install a bracket to make sure the parking anchor shaft can stay in the correct position.

The 42RLE Transmission has some common problems which we’ll discuss today.
Generally speaking, if 42RLE has failure problems, rebuilt transmission is a common choice because the brand new transmission price is way too high.


Top-6 Common 42RLE Transmission Problems
1. Poor Shifting Problem

Low transmission fluid majorly the reason caused your gear not move. 
First step, most of time, you can check transmission fluid levels with transmission oil dipstick.

Without enough fluid, the whole system could fail.

Next could be Valve Body of automatic transmission. 

If solenoid, in some car models may be solenoid block, got stuck in valve body, it will lead to computer malfunction.


 2. Limp Home Mode or Gear Stuck in 2nd Stage
Apart from poor shifting, losing car power and limp home mode is also common seen problem.


 3. Over Drive On or Check Engine Light On
Just like all the other engine problems, CEL on is the signal your car telling you something went wrong.

Later on we have more discussion about error code meanings.


 4. Grinding & clunking sound when shift
Manual transmission will have this problem more often as if clutch not release in correct time when gear shifts, transmission grinds.

This may cause wearing to synchronize rings and shifters.

If it sounds like buzzing, normally it may be the  bad bearing or leaking fluid due to bad seals.  


 5. Overheating Transmission
42RLE seems to have overheating problems more often than other automatic transmissions.

Some suggest to install transmission cooler to prevent the problem.

Myself still agree that regular checking fluid level is pretty handy and practical way.

If burning smell appears, very possible the fluid leaking problem is happening.

Low fluid level causes clutch to have burning smell.


6. Revving High Engine

This is a sign that your clutches is wearing.

And if you feel transmission is slipping, check out the fluid level as well.


Estimated Jeep 42RLE Transmission Replacement Cost

The replacement cost for Wrangler 42RLE is around US$1750 to US$2500 and you can refer to the below link for more information.


Same as the other car parts failure situation, if any of above symptoms occurs, don’t hesitate to contact the auto service center for thorough checking.
The earlier you sort out the problems, the cheaper you need to pay for the replacement.



HJL Suggestion

Transmission fluid for Chrysler 42RLE shall be ATF+4 Synthetic 9602 Type.

Any additives should NOT be added into transmission system.

Well-known reason to cause transmission suffering issues are fluids except 9602 Type mentioned above is topped off replaced into the system.
If correct Chrysler fluid is replaced properly, the system will work better and longer.

If you encounter your transmission stuck in 2nd gear, typically, soon transmission will go into limp home mode.

This mode is designed to allow you continue to drive the car to repair shop if Dodge Ram 1500 automatic transmission system goes wrong.

Thanks with this safety design; the transmission will not crash down immediately.

My experience is that correct fluid, clean transmission oil, and proper fluid level are crucial to transmission system.

Never will it be too much if you check it monthly.


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