6 Reliable CVT Transmission with 100,000 but still good at every dollar

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Finding a used car with a reliable continuously variable transmission (CVT) can be a bit challenging, as CVTs have historically had a mixed reputation for durability.
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So today, we’re going to talk about the 6 Reliable CVT Transmission vehicles you will love even after you already drive for 100,000 miles.

Reliable CVT Transmission You Can Count ON
In our last video,
 we have talked about those transmissions tend to have the potential problems. Now, let’s have some good news. Let’s see the most reliable transmissions.

1) Honda Civic:
While Honda Civic (2001-2002) and Civic Hybrid (2006-2009) have higher possibility to experience the malfunction transmission, the 2013-2015 Honda Civic models are often considered more reliable. Honda made updates and improvements to the CVT technology during these years.

Just be sure to research the specific year model to ensure it has a more reliable CVT version.


2) Toyota Corolla: Without doubts, Toyota has been known for its reliability.
Toyota introduced the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) in the Toyota Corolla starting from the 2014 model year.
The 2014 Toyota Corolla offered both manual and automatic transmissions across its various trim levels. Here are the transmission options available for the 2014 Corolla:



  1. 6-Speed Manual Transmission: Some trim levels of the 2014 Corolla were equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, allowing drivers to manually shift gears.
  1. CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission): Many trim levels of the 2014 Corolla came equipped with an optional CVT. The CVT is an automatic transmission that uses a pulley system to provide a seamless range of gear ratios, which helps improve fuel efficiency and smoothness of acceleration.
    This CVT was used in subsequent model years as well.(AMAZON)

We know the reliability of the CVT transmission can vary based on factors like maintenance, driving conditions, and individual experiences. But if you are looking for a Toyota Corolla with a CVT transmission, the model years from 2014 onwards would be your starting point.

3) Subaru Impreza:
Subaru's Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is a type of automatic transmission that uses a belt and pulley system to provide a smooth and seamless range of gear ratios. The CVT technology is designed to optimize fuel efficiency and provide a comfortable driving experience.
And here are some features commonly associated with Subaru's CVT transmission:

1. Fuel Efficiency: CVTs are known for their ability to keep the engine operating at the most efficient RPM for a given driving condition, which can lead to improved fuel economy compared to conventional automatic transmissions.

  1. Smooth Acceleration: CVTs offer a seamless acceleration experience as they don't have traditional gears that need to be shifted. This can result in a smoother and more consistent power delivery compared to traditional automatic transmissions.
  1. Adaptive Control: Many modern CVTs are equipped with adaptive control systems that can adjust the transmission's behavior based on driving style, road conditions, and other factors. This can enhance performance and efficiency.
  1. Manual Mode: Some CVT-equipped vehicles, including Subaru models, offer a manual mode or simulated gear shifts. This mode allows the driver to manually select preset "gears" or ratios, providing a more engaging driving experience for those who prefer more control.
  1. Hill Descent Control: Some Subaru CVT-equipped vehicles come with features like Hill Descent Control, which helps maintain a controlled speed when driving down steep inclines.
  1. Sport Modes: Some Subaru models with CVTs offer a "Sport" mode that adjusts the transmission's behavior to provide more responsive acceleration and a livelier driving experience.
  1. All-Wheel Drive Integration: Subaru is known for its symmetrical all-wheel drive system, and their CVT transmissions are often designed to work seamlessly with this system, providing optimal traction and stability in various driving conditions.



If you're looking for a Subaru Impreza with a CVT transmission that is generally considered more reliable, you might want to consider model years from around 2017 onward. By that time, Subaru would have had several years to refine and improve their CVT technology based on real-world feedback.

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4) Honda Fit: Similar to the Civic, the Honda Fit is known for its reliability. In which the year 2015-2020 models with CVTs might offer a more dependable transmission.

5) Nissan Sentra:
For the Nissan Sentra, it's recommended to consider model years from around 2015 and later if you're looking for a more reliable CVT transmission. Nissan introduced a "Xtronic" CVT in the 2013 Sentra, and over the years, they have made adjustments and improvements to address earlier problems. However, it's essential to research owner reviews, consumer reports, and reliability ratings for specific model years of the Nissan Sentra to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the CVT transmission's reliability.

6) Toyota Prius:
Here we go, once again, here we have Toyota in our list! For Toyota hybrid CVT transmissions, looking at model years from around 2015 onward could be a good starting point. Toyota had several years of experience with hybrid technology and would likely have implemented improvements based on real-world usage and customer feedback.
And speaking of Toyota hybrid models, such as the Prius, Camry Hybrid, and RAV4 Hybrid, have been known for their reliable hybrid powertrains and CVT transmissions. These models all can be your good choices to consider about.

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Remember that while these models might have had more reliable CVTs compared to others, individual vehicle performance can vary based on their maintenance history and driving conditions. Always gather as much information as possible and consider seeking advice from online forums or communities where owners discuss their experiences with specific models and transmissions.

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