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Do you ever wonder why your neighbor’s cars always look new?

Do you ever think about how to increase your gas economic performance?

Or do you know one unconscious driving habit may damage your cars?

In this article, we’re going to reveal the Top-6 bad driving habits that may damage to your vehicle.

We already know the common bad habits like speeding or using the mobile phone while driving.

So we won’t occupy your time for that.

What we want to share with you is the tiny unconscious habit that you may ignore.

These habits may be tiny but may also cause the illegal issues and penalty.

Meanwhile, except talking about these bad habits, we will give more handy tips for you to save fuel and better the gas mileage of your car!


Bad Habits You may not notice

#1 Last-minute braking

Just like hating the hesitant braking, myself is really suffering sitting in the car with the “last minute braking” drivers.

It really makes me feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, it is also very dangerous if you drive along a car which car driver likes to brake in the last minute.


Here let’s try a trivia.

Q: How long you should consistently look down the road before you want to brake or make the turn to avoid the last-minute braking?


  1. 1 to 3 seconds.
  2. 4 to 8 seconds.
  3. 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. 20 seconds.


Leave comments below to let me know your answer!
Before I reveal the answer, according to the statistics, there were 49% visitors get the question wrong.
To give enough time to prepare the braking is crucial as it allows the vehicle behind you to react and keep your driving safe.

There are so many records show that the serial car accidents resulted from the last-minute braking.

So, remember to consistently look at least 10-15 seconds ahead to avoid the last-minute braking.

Alright, the answer of this question is C. 10-15 seconds.

Did you get it right?

#2 Tailgating too close

Comparing to the last-minute braking, some people tend to be tailgating too close to the front car.

The space we should keep depends on the speed we drive.

So please keep the reasonable and prudent distance from the other cars.

In case others don’t pay close attention, you still have enough time to react and response.


#3 Dragging the brake when you downhill
Dragging the brakes could be a dangerous practice as it will not increase the brake pad wearing but also tearing and cause the braking system malfunction.
The suggestion is to engage the low gear when you drive downhill to let the lower gear does the brake for you.


#4 Revving high when your car is still cold
We keep talking about the importance of warming up your vehicle before you step onto the speeding paddle.

More and more modern cars are driven with hydraulic power in the engine and transmission system.
If we are used to revving high without warming up the car, over time, it may damage the car because the engine and transmission has no enough lubrication to let the system work.

Although there are some people pro for the belief that you don’t need to warm up the car as the modern car should have better technology especially when the carburetors are substituted with the fuel-injected and electron systems.

So our suggestion is to allow 1-2mins to warm up the car, let the fluid run thru the engine, the turbocharger, and the transmission and allow the whole system get better lubrication and better cares.

But if you’re in a rush and have no time to warm up the car, at least try to accelerate gentle; so the engine can be the most efficient and last good status longer.

The Best Way to Cut Your Fuel Cost

Alright, now you know these negligible habits that may have big impacts on the driving safety and gas mileages.

Next, we’re going to talk about “How to increase the gas mileage”!

There are some products in the marketing declare that their product & device can save the fuel and increase the gas mileages.



Truth is majority of them are the scams and cost expensive.

Instead of spending bulks on these marketing tricks, we’d like to share with you the correct habits.

I can guarantee you these habits are handy & easy and can better the gas mileages easily.


  1. Keep the air filter clean
    For every gallon of gas that our cars burn, it also burn about 1100 cubic feet of the air.

Thing is if you don’t have enough free-flowing fresh air, you are gonna burn more fuels.

So make sure you replace the air filter regularly to get the clean air for the engine.

  1. Use the correct engine oil                                                                        Following the free-flowing air concept, you then will understand that you need the clean right engine oil.

The correct engine oil viscosity is crucial for whole engine system.

As you can see in the picture, on the top on the engine, the cap it shows 5W-30 in this case.

Different engines have different type of oil.

Just remember to follow the indication or follow your user Manuel.

The modern cars tend to use full synthetic oil more, as it is very light.

The lighter the engine oil, the less friction it will have.

The less friction it has, the better gas mileage you will get.

 Use the correct engine oil

  1. Change the engine oil periodically
    The dirty oil has more friction which will worse your gas mileage so the best way is to replace the oil regularly.

And if possible, try to use the full synthetic oil as it flows better than the Mineral oil or semi-synthetic oil.

Take myself as example, I do feel the gas mileage has slightly improvement when I replace the semi-synthetic with the full synthetic.
So you may consider of giving it a try!

  1. Keep your tires with correct air pressure
    We all know the flat tires will damage the driving safety and damage wheel rim.

So to prevent that is to check your tire air pressure regularly.

The proper air pressure will make sure you don’t get too much rolling resistance and worse the gas mileage.

That’s why now big tire companies is now dedicating efforts on less rolling resistance tires.

You may try these special low resistance tires for the better gas mileage.

  1. Avoid hard acceleration and braking.

Toyota did the test on their Camry to see how did gas mileage change about frequent burst of acceleration and braking.

The result is the frequent bursts of braking and acceleration will reduce the mileage by 2 to 3 mpg.

When you maintain the speed, the rpm is down and engine is not going up and down, so the gas consumption is stable.

That’s why the gas mileage for the high way driving is always better than the city driving.

So, don’t do the big feet driver!

Just maintain the steady pace once up to the speed.
The smooth driving habit will also protect your car and longer the life time of the engine, brakes, tires and transmission.


  1. Keep the trunk empty

The heavier weight the car carries, the more fuel it will consume.

Every additional 100 pounds in your car can increase the gas consumption by up to 2%.
So, the better way is to clean the car trunk and leave the extra at home!

  1. Aware of the time to fill your tank.

The suggestion is to fill the tank in early morning or in late night as the gas is dispensed by volume.
If we fill the tank in the cool temperature outside, the fuel will be denser.
Over time, you can see the result and get more gas in return.

  1. Turn on the A/C instead of open the window

Some people may say the A/C costs more gas but in reality; when you drive with the window open, it increases more air resistance.
The air resistance then will worsen the gas mileage.

So, turn on the A/C and maintain the temperature at sensible level!

To low A/C temperature may also decrease the gas mileages.

Above all, what we want to say is our driving habits have huge impact on the mileage performance.

With the correct mindset and correct driving habits, you can easily save the fuel and better the gas mileage.

Depending on the study, the poor driving habits can influence the fuel economy between 5% to 30% depends on the type of vehicle.

Let’s say if the current national gas price average is $4 per gallon, you can earn the gas savings around 20 cents to $1.2 per gallon just by driving sensibly.

So please, adopt the handy tips we just mentioned and plant these habits into your daily driving time.

Take care of your car with regular maintenance and pay attention on the signals your vehicle is telling you.

We have talked about so many failure symptoms for different parts of the vehicles, you can check in the
description below or search in our videos.

As long as we pay more attention on our driving habits, we can save the gas mileage, save the money, save our car, and the best, save the environment!

Good for you and also good for the environment!!

Leave comments below to let us know how you save the gas mileage and share the handy tips with us!

Alright my friends, I hope you enjoy today’s video.

Remember to share this video to the friends who may need.

Thank you for your watching and I’ll see you very soon next time!



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