Behind the timing chain replacement cost which auto parts suppliers won’t tell you

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How many of you are having trouble with your engine timing chain kit?

How many of you are wondering how much is the timing chain cost?


What’s Good of Timing Chain Replacement

Pretty well known that timing chain will last longer than a timing belt as better solid material of the timing chain.

The chain suffers more from wearing and tearing so for sure is needs replacement at some point during the vehicle life cycle.

The creation of a timing chain helps to reduce the inconvenience that timing belt used to have.

Ex, timing belt requires more frequent change as often as they should be.

Apart from that, timing belt is more easily to break and cause serious damage to the engine.
Just like the timing belts, the faulty timing chain will also cause serious engine damage problem once the chain snapped.

Nevertheless, the longer life time and lower snapped possibility are still making more and more manufacturers to use the chain design.
As long as you know the tips to look after it and the time to replace, you can lower the timing chain repair cost.

Inspect the Timing Chain Quality

Alright, since we talk about the cost of timing chain replacement, we have to understand the overall cost includes the parts cost, the labor cost and the repairing hours.

Especially the labor cost and repairing time is so high, some people seek to find the cheaper price timing chain parts.

To be honest, blindly go for the cheapest price is not the clever choice.

Sometimes you think you have bargained a great deal with beautiful price.

But truth is you just put the whole timing system in the dangerous with the crap parts.

With that being said, today we’re going to reveal some professional tips that can judge the quality of the timing parts.

Let’s see how to inspect your timing chain and make sure the parts are good quality with reasonable cost.
Believe me, you do have better choice and you deserve better!


1. Rusty Appearance
Check the appearance of the chain by visual and to see if there is any rust or black color iron powder spreading between the chain plate or links.
If the abnormal condition or above phenomenon is found, it shows the lubricating oil between the links is insufficient.


Put on some lubrication on the chains again and check if there is any tight joint or rollers which we’ll talk more later.

2.Tight rollers or joints
Twist the chain links to see if the chain can work properly.
If the chain can’t move freely up and down, it shows the chain may have tight joints.
A. Clean the chain and remove any dirt or foreign substance which is stacked in joints.
B. Check the lubrication status and re-lubricate the chain again.
C. Check if the chain is worn out.
D. You may need to replace the chain if there is no better improvement after clean & or re-lubrication. 

  1. On the contrary, let’s see if there is any,
  2. Watch out turned pins
    visually inspect the direction of the pin, there should not be any rotation for the pin riveting on the chain.
    When the rotated pin shows up, I’m sorry but the only way is to replace the whole chain.

4.The cracked plates
Any abnormal conditions on the plates like fractures or cracks is not acceptable.
When the chain is overloaded or exposed to the corrosive environment, the chain cracks.
Or as we just mentioned, if the chain doesn’t have sufficient lubrication, it cracks too.
Then it’s telling you it is the time for timing chain replacement.

5. The wearing chain getting loose Chain plates wear over time and the worn chain plate may affect the strength of the chain. Also, the chain gets stretched and loose because of the friction and wearing between the guides and gears. The elongation rate is related to the number of the sprocket teeth and it will be 0.8% to 1.5%.
Of course we can know whether if the chain has been stretched by measuring the elongation.
Another obvious way to judge the chain wearing problem is to check if there is rattling sound appears.
The rattle noises from engine chamber will come along when the car is idling when your timing chain is stretched and loose.

6.Abnormal rollers
Under the normal situation, the rollers shall be rotated freely by turning it by hands.
Visually inspect the appearance of the rollers for any cracks, slims, or damage.
If any cracks or damage found, the chain must be replaced.
And if the lubricating oil is deficient, remember to re-lubricate.

Last, remember to check if the chain link holes are too big.

7.The enlarged holes
Occasionally the chain link holes may get enlarged when the chain is overloaded.
The chain link holes will be enlarged to the elliptical shape and cause the pins and roller loose.

Alright, so these are the 7 tips to inspect whether if your timing chain is good quality or not.
Next time when you have opportunity to buy the chain for your car, remember to have a look with our tips today.
Make sure your chain parts are under good condition which will save your money and precious time as well.

Back to our discussion at the beginning, how much are timing chains and how much does a timing chain cost to replace?

The timing chain replacement cost varies depends on the car brands, model, design complexity, parts cost and the labor cost in your city.

Thanks to the car service cost’s analysis; they listed out the reference cost for timing chain replacement. 

he labor costs are about $500 to $ 1000 while the parts are about $400 to $600.
Looks like the American muscle cars tend to have higher replacement cost.(XD)

Want to save timing chain replacement money?

More and more car owners now understand the necessity of timing chain replacement.
Chain wears over time and so do the tensioner, cam phaser vvt gears or the guides.


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