Can I Drive with a Bad Shift Solenoid Pack 42RLE Chrysler Jeep?

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What's Shift Solenoid Pack? 
Transmission solenoids, mounted on the valve body, play the role to adjust transmission fluid flows in valve body and to active proper clutch & gear.
Overlook 42RLE transmission common problems, Chrysler Jeep has so many fans fall for him.
Typically  transmission has 1 less solenoid than the gears quantity.
Which means, you will have 3 solenoids if vehicle is a four-speed transmission.
The 1st solenoid is for 1-to-2 gear shift, the 2nd one for 2-to-3 gear shift and etc. 
Any faulty solenoid will lead to loss of fluid flow control and fail to shift the right gear.
If luck, when it is 3rd solenoid for 3-4 gear shift going wrong, you still can drive.
Because solenoid 1 and 2 fine work enables our transmission to shift gear 1 to 3.
Some models have design to integrate solenoid into valve body and we call such design as "shift solenoid pack".
Whenever transmission solenoid goes wrong, you can replace the faulty one only.
In case of this design, such like this dodge solenoid pack, you need to replace whole valve body as solenoids are part of the valve body.
Bad Sign of 42RLE Transmission Solenoid Pack
The common symptoms to show a bad 42RLE transmission are,
So, yes!
Back to our discussion, you still can drive with a bad shift solenoid although you can't shift over that faulty one.
Unless it is the 1st one solenoid goes broken.
Then we all know our car can't move!!

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