CAR TRIVIA - How Much Do You Know About Cars? The Things Every Car Owner Should Know! (1)

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Maybe you love cars, but are you top-notch when it comes to automotive?

Some people find it tedious to know how cars work, how to maintain them, how much the cost of their repair is, and more. But today, we've put together some fascinating trivia about car history that may leave you amused and amazed.

Let's in tribute to everyone’s favorite form of transportation!


  1. What Was The First Car To Be Mass-Produced?

Answer: Ford Model T


When was the first car made? The Ford Model T Invented by Henry Ford, and first sold in 1908, was the first mass-produced car. Its reliability and robustness enabled it to produce up to 10,000 cars a day during the peak of production. In 1927, the Ford T model had built 15 million cars already a record number. Until 1972, it was overtaken by the Volkswagen Beetle.

Source: ModelTMitch

  1. What is the oldest car company still in business today?

Answer: Mercedes Benz


Mercedes-Benz is the oldest car manufacturer in the world that Are still strongly in business today. The innovative and revolutionary spirit of the founders keeps their designs pushing the limits of style and technology. Today, Mercedes-Benz is known for its wide range of luxury cars and high-performance cars.


  1. When Was The First Documented Car accident?

Answer: 1891


The world's first car accident happened in Ohio City which is home to many firsts in automotive history.

While the damage from the first accident was minimal, it gave Lambert, the driver, some ideas to implement some safety procedures, such as installing doors on the car and he also patented over 600 innovations within the automobile industry.  Thus, there is no doubt that our world may not have developed without taking this strange risk.

Sadly, car accidents claim many lives every year until now. Any type of car crash can do serious damage to your vehicle or you and cause lasting, life-changing injuries. In order to better protect you and your family from serious car accidents, please take extra precautions, slow down, and stay aware of both your surroundings and other drivers.

Source: Ohio History Central

  1. What year was the first national speed limit enacted?

Answer: 1974 


Although prior to 1974, states in the United States set speed limit sign within their borders, highway speed limit sign ranged from 40 mph to 80 mph. But that changed because of the 1973 Arab-Israeli conflict.

This led to President Richard M. Nixon signing the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act in 1974. Lowering all national highway speed limits to 55 mph which was considered a more fuel efficient driving speed, and this also lowers the traffic fatality rate in the United States.


  1. What’s The Most Stolen Car in America?

Answer: Honda Accord


The Accord is one of the most stolen cars in the US. According to the most stolen cars from 2010-2020, the total number of thefts was 513,025 even more.

The reason is that Accord is known for its high resale value and parts reliability. So it is a popular choice for many drivers, but also a target for thieves! Accord owners should take extra precautions to protect their cars, like steering wheel locks or brake locks.

Fortunately, most cars in the late ’90s had anti-theft technology as standard, using an anti-theft device for added protection while parking can also give owners more peace of mind.


  1. How often is a car stolen in the United States?

Answer: Every 42 seconds


That’s an interesting statistic. In fact, car theft can happen anywhere not just in the US. According to statistics, the rate of vehicle theft in metropolitan areas is significantly higher than in surrounding areas.

With the advancement of technology, the tactics of thieves have become more and more sophisticated. Usually, one-third of the stolen cars cannot be repaired even after they are found.


  1. Which Mercedes-Benz Concept Car Featured A Joystick Instead Of A Steering Wheel?

Answer: Mercedes-Benz F200

Cars have been reimagined and reinvented all the time. The F200 Imagination replaces the traditional steering wheel with a joystick controller that can grab and point where place you want to go.

Steering, braking and throttle are controlled with a joystick, also no pedals are required.

Alright, as ridiculous as it seems, there have been many interesting concept cars in the past that let's gamers both hesitant and eager to try them. But in the end, The Mercedes-Benz F200 didn't catch on and was not in full production or running on the road.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Mercedes-Benz

  1. What did drivers use to steer their vehicles before the steering wheel was invented?

Answer: A tiller            

Did you know that the first car didn't have a steering wheel? Then you must be wondering how they controlled the direction of the car.


The 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen used a tiller to drive the vehicle, after that the steering wheel was not invented until 1894. For about 60 years, the steering wheel In addition to controlling the direction, also provides a horn and adds airbags and so on. In 1960, some manufacturers began to fitting buttons and evolve into multifunction steering wheels is essentially what cars are now.




  1. Which was the first product manufactured by BMW?

Answer: Aircraft engines

Are you have a passion for BMW?

The company began producing aircraft engines in 1913, a straight-six aircraft engine called the BMW IIIA.

It wasn't until 1933 that BMW released its first automotive straight-six engine. Before World War II, aircraft engines, motorcycles, and automobiles both would be BMW's main products.

Source: BMW

  1. Which iconic car manufacturer also made airplane engines?

Answer: Rolls Royce


Rolls-Royce has been known for manufacturing fighter plane engines since World War II. The engines are durable whether military planes, private jets, or airliners. Until now, they are still building them for civil aviation.

Of course, there are other automotive manufacturers producing products that take to the skies. As mention before, BMW was originally a manufacturer of aero engines, Mitsubishi built the Japanese Zero fighter in World War II, etc. There are all interesting and worth exploring history.

Source: Rolls-Royce


The Important Things Every Car Owner Should Know


As a car owner, while it's complicated to know everything about your car, there are some basics you should know to help you feel more at ease.

Here are five things you should know before you drive:


The VIN code is a combination of 17 English letters and Arabic numerals. Any car brand has its unique VIN number, just like the ID card each of us. If you want to buy a car or buy parts for it, you can use your VIN to find information.

-The car model

The model of the car includes the year, brand. It is possible to know the fluids, parts and accessories used to repair and maintain the car, so it is important to have accurate information.

-Maintenance schedule

Properly maintaining your car is the key to keeping it in top shape. It can also help keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe. The suggested maintenance information in the owner's manual is essential for the health and well-being of your car.

-Tire pressure

While keeping a spare tire in the car is one of the basic things every car owner should know. On top of that, knowing how to maintain the tire pressure in the car helps reduce tire wear and also prevent danger.


-Engine light

When a car's check engine light comes on the dashboard, it's a signal from the car's engine computer that something is wrong. Please have it checked by the nearest professional mechanic as soon as possible. Ignore this warning you may damage expensive components eventually.


In addition, you must be aware of basic maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that your new car will last a long time. Follow our official website to receive more maintenance tips to avoid mechanical problems at times.

It's imperative that you know the basics and maintenance to ensure your new car will last for a long time. Follow HJL Autoparts to receive more maintenance tips to avoid mechanical problems at times.


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