Common Problems and Fixes for Range Rover L322.

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For many years, Range Rovers are well known for the premier brands in the automotive industry. They are great vehicles and very popular in the United States, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any problems.


Is the Range Rover l322 reliable?

The Range Rover (L322) is the third-generation Range Rover model from British car maker Land Rover. The L322 was introduced in 2001 and had a production run for over ten years. Older Range Rover models earned a low reliability rating, which was just 1 out of 5 stars. Reliability is one of the reasons why Land Rover's aren't very desirable because Land Rover has had some recalls and investigations over the years. Here are the most common problems plaguing Land Rovers.

Most Range Rovers common problems


#1 Air Suspension Problems

Air suspension is the most common problem on virtually every Range Rover. When air suspension fails, they have the same symptoms and a SUSPENSION INACTIVE message will be displayed on the dashboard. If you notice the issues with suspension, you need a full diagnostic check.

You can also check our before video for the fundamental solution to fix this headache forever.


#2 Electrical Issues and Leaking

Some customers report the Range Rover issues like head gasket failure, heater core failure and leaking oil.
In which, the areas of the oil leaks include oil cooler lines and the valve cover gaskets.
These are key parts of the Range Rover’s internal systems.

Leaking is a common issue among vehicles but the last leaking problem you want is to have oil leaking and result in the electrical system.


#3 Parking Brake Failure

The owners of the Land Rover reports parking brake problems and screeching sounds when the parking brake is engaged. This is an important part of keeping the car in a stationary position when parking. Over time, this parking brake will get out of alignment and need to be readjusted in order to continue working properly.

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#4 Steering Shaft Problems

Do you hear strange sounds when turning the steering wheel? Or it's getting more and more difficult to turn the steering wheel? Because the steering shaft could be malfunctioning. It will slow down your reaction time and make it more dangerous to operate the car.

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#5 Power Loss Headache

Loss of power on the Range Rover L322 can be caused by a variety of reasons. The only way to correctly diagnose the problem is to use a professional car scanning tool to detect any problems or faulty codes.


When you find any of these problems, it's time to make an appointment for maintenance and thorough check.



When you’re considering of used Range Rover…

Congrats if you’re planning your new car!

Though the Range Rover occasionally has the problems we just mentioned, the 2nd hand ranger rover is still so popular in the market.

So here we want to list out some check points to help you when you’re considering of a used Range Rover.


#1 The Engine:

Listen for a rattle at idle from the supercharger and inspect for exhaust wear and check the catalytic converter isn’t breaking up.


#2 Cooling system:

This system is composed of a radiator, hoses, a water pump, a head gasket, and thermostat housing. If any of these components cracks, your car may have a coolant leak.


#3 Transmission:

Some of the common faults like shuddering, slow gear engagement and gear changes may appear especially when engine is cold.
There are some maintenance tips we keep reminding our friends to take care of their transmission.


#4 Suspension:

Check for air leaks in the various components of the air suspension and listen for hissing noise, or detect the function of the air compressor.


#5 Brakes:

Check brake disc and pad before you make the decision.
Have the dealer to provide the replacement service to make sure the brake system is at the best status.

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For those range rover L322 supporters, they will never have any doubts that if Range Rover is expensive to maintain.
But if you’re considering of owning it, let’s have quick discussion about it so you may have a draft idea.

The Range Rovers average annual repair cost is $1,258 which depends on the year of the vehicle.
Also how often the owner drove it and how well they maintained the individual parts.


In the car world, Range Rovers do not rank high for reliability that's mean it tends to go to the shop more frequently than the average vehicle. They come in the top 10 for the most expensive cars to maintain. You can expect Range Rover maintenance costs to increase significantly about five to six years after their production year.

So before buying a used Range Rover, ensure it had thoroughly checked by your mechanic.


Last, it is important to do research before buying Range Rover.
If you need a car suitable for muddy terrain and difficult off-road driving, this may be your choice.
If you need a reliable car, then you should look for others, and we strongly suggest a mechanical inspection from a trusted mechanic before buying.


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