When to replace ignition coils and how much does it cost?

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How much does it replace a ignition coil cost?
Ignition coil replacement cost uk depends on your car and what parts your car's manufacturer recommends using for the replacement.
How much does bmw spark plug and ignition coil replacement cost?
Spark plug and coil replacement cost with installation depends on the location.


Refer to our previous discussion <Bad Ignition Coil 5 common Symptoms>, whenever the bad ignition coil symptoms occur, better have the professional repair shop check for you. Normally mechanics will conduct the tests depends on the CNP or COP coil types.

CNP Coil Type (Coil-Near-Plug) coil-near-plug ignition coil hjlautoparts
This type of coil connects to spark plugs with short wires and provides better reliability as it eliminates the distributor.

COP Coil Type (Coil-On-Plug)

coil-on-plug ignition coil hjlautoparts
COP coils connect to spark plug with stainless steel spring connector & rubber insulating protective boots. This type reduces the phantom misfires problems.

DENSO then developed Stick Coils in 1996 which is compact, mirco-sized and easily fitting to many automakers new car designs.

Test Tips
There is a simple testing way you can do at home if spark tester is available with you. Turn off the engine & disconnect ignition coils from the plugs. The ends of the spark tester shall be connected to the top of the spark plug and coil output. Once the connection is settled, start the engine to check if there is light flash on the tester. If yes, means the ignition coil function works well. If no, that's the sign to show ignition coil or oil control circuit is failed.
HJL autoparts coil-on-plug tester

Ignition Coil Replacement Cost
The coil cost is varied depends on the make and model of the car. The price range can be $75 to $300 each. The hourly olabor costs will be between $100 to $150 depends on the area and coil damage situation. And sure if go to dealership, please expect to pay more.

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