To maintain your car transmission- Don’t do these 4 things if you love your cars

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Whenever you feel car jerking while accelerating, very high possibility is something wrong with your transmission!!


Is Transmission Complicated?!

Well....Yes and No.

Yes, it is the most skill consuming job for mechanics and it counts on mechanics experience heavily.

And no. If You know how to maintain it by working with repair shops.


Let me tell you a story.

There is a diligent donkey who always helps to carry the heavy stuffs for his master.

It is always so difficult at the beginning as the loading is too heavy to move the 1st step.

Following the movement, the donkey gets easier and easier as the kinetic energy generated gradually.

Once the donkey is moving, it's not difficult for him to carry more weights.

However, if the donkey doesn't have enough strength or the timing to put on more weight is not proper, the donkey won't move smoothly.


Now talk back to our transmission, the diligent donkey in fact is our transmission system.

The most difficult 1st step is like the Gear-1 which has the highest tall and slowest speed.

And the torque is getting lower as the speed is getting faster.

And yes, with automatic transmission design, the system now will automatically swift to  different gears depends on different speed.


So if your car jerks when you accelerate, it's like the donkey coughs as he is dragged abruptly, there must be something wrong with the transmission.


If the jerking problem happens on your manual car, well, i'm sorry, but you have to practice switching gears more frequently.

However, if your car has automatic transmission, you need to sort out the cause as early as possible.

There are many reasons that will cause the car jerking and normally it's the tiny problem which can be solved easily.

But if you neglect it, it may turn to to be big headache.  


6 Possible Reasons Cause Your Car Jerking While Accelerating

#1 Dirty Fuel Injector

      The dirty fuel injector will lead to the engine misfire or let your car lose power when you attempt to accelerate.


#2 Dirty Air Filter

      The dirty air filter will cause the failure to keep pollutant and dust away the engine.

      These pollutants will accumulate overtime and cause your engine "Cough".


#3 Damaged Spark Plug

    Your spark plugs might be worn out and unable to properly ignite the fuel in the piston fast enough. This can lead to your car not accelerating as quickly. Fortunately, spark plugs are not expensive to repair and replace.


So, fuel injector, air filter, spark plug, if any of these 3 parts is worn out, you just replace them with the brand new one, it is quite minor problems.


However, if below 3 items are out of work, you better ask help with your repair shops.

#4 Defective Carburetors

#5 Blocked Catalytic Converters

#6 Dirty Transmissions Oil & Faulty Transmission Solenoid

Also you can see the chart in which we list out all the replacement cost for your reference.

Remember, the earlier you fix the problems, the cheaper you may need to spend.



Transmission, the most crucial part in the car!

So now you know the main reasons to cause the transmission failure.
You can also check this article “ the transmission control module issue" and you can see more vgs 722.8 TCU issues.

Take dsg 7 dq200 transmission as example, to rebuild this transmission, it will cost 30,000 to 50,000 US$.
So if any problems went wrong with it, it's definitely not fun.
Next let me show you my 4 tips to maintain your transmission and how to longer his lifecycle.

1. Don't drive through the deep water area.
The vent for transmission fluid to release pressure is at the bottom of transmission chamber. When fluid gets hot to expands or contracts, vent will help pressure release. The vent also will suck water into our transmission if cars go through deep water and damage the transmission. With lucks, we can flush out the water and it can back to function. Most the cases we need to replace the whole transmission as water will destroy it.

2. Don't shift from Drive to Reverse gear while car is moving. 
You may think it funny as who will make such mistake. Many cars have the shifter down on the bottom which is easily to be hit accidentally and ripped into the Reverse.


3. Put your car in Park if you’re going to wait long time and don't want shut off the car.
Leave it in Drive long time when your car is idling will cause the heat increased inside the transmission. But if in the Parking gear, the torque converter will not work so won't overheated either.

4. Check transmission fluid level periodically!
Don't believe the Tag on your dipstick to say "No need to replace the ATF under the normal driving condition". Good ATF for Lifeime is the fable; transmission fluid do need changed as we don't want dirty fluid in it. Regularly change ATF 60,000-80,000 miles will definite longer your transmission life.
 <Dipstick collection>


With these 4 easy methods, you can take care of your automatic transmission easily.
Next week, we will show you more tips and tricks to maintain your cars.
So my dear, remember to stay tuned and I’ll see you very soon next week!


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