When switec steppers in Instrument Cluster go wrong? Watch out these symptoms

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Switec Stepper Function

switec stepper          gauge cluster bulb

Gauge cluster & stepper motor inside the Instrument cluster deliver car information to us whilst we're driving.

It keep us informed the most current status; speed, distance, heat and oil level. Warning function, like check engine light & low level fuel alarm, will be sent by indicator lights.

Take GMC silverado instrument cluster as example, the gauge is X27 168 type. These circular stepper motor kits most cases back lit have their own jobs & duties. Speedometer tells you how fast you drive, fuel gauge tells you the oil level, tachometer tells crankshaft rotation rate in engine, and engine checking light reminds you something wrong with engine! All these varied functions all presented by the switec steppers inside the cluster dashboard.

When you feel below symptoms with your instrument cluster,

Dim display or dead back lighting
Power loss or intermittent gauges
Faulty gauges or erratic speedometer
Sticking gauge

Process to check the problem & shoot the headache,

-->Pretest & Remove faulty parts
-->Replace ALL stepper motors & bulbs
-->Rework Solder joints
-->Update power supply
-->Calibration & Final Test


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