4 Reasons why my car makes squeaking & screeching noise?

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Whenever the squealing sound occurs from the vehicle, very possible is the belt thing problem. Worn or loose belts are common cause to car screeching. Still, reasons vary from different timing when you hear the squealing noise. So when you hear the noise from the car, be cool, and try to tell where the noise is from first.

Locate the squealing noise source:
1. When you start the car
2. When you accelerate
3. While apply the brakes
4. Squealing from steering wheel turns
5. When car is idling

If the sound occurs often when you accelerate the car, very possible you need to replace the belt. This problem happens more often in cold region when you just start and warm up the car. The belt is either loose or worn. Fan belt in this case if worn out, better look at timing belt as well.

Brake system squealing is the most severe situation which requires immediate fixing up action. You may not believe but Brake is designed with screeching sound when it gets worn; a very friendly way to remind you that it's time to check.

Then is the hissing sound to show you a sign that hoses may be cracked or too loose. If you ignore this signal, sooner or later there will be stems appearing from the hood and accompanied with engine heat greatly rising.

Now you wont let the panic kill you since you know most reasons to cause car screeching. Next you can bring the car to the auto shop to do advanced diagnose and apply the proper correction. 


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