How turbocharger works?

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Inside the Turbocharger

Turbocharger, smiply put, is a system to collect the engine exhaust air & gases and to compress them to higher pressure.
These higher pressure, which will be sent back to engine chamber via inlet valve, then give engine more power.
The construction of turbocharger includes compressor housing, air inlet&outlet (to engine), turbine house, and exhaust out&inlet(from engine).
Inlet value recives the exhaust air & gases, compresses it, through the air cooler, then pass through inlet valve to engine chamber. In this way, turbine house is responsible for exhausting the air.
Garret turbo and Borg Warner are the dominate brands in the turbocharger market.

What Turbocharger can give You

Engine requires fuel and air. More fuel & air, more power and more performance.
Since gasoline price is keeping higher (and my salary seems never higher….ops…), turbocharger design meets this requirement and also provides more efficient cost option.
Before this design is utilized most on diesel engine, with the cost & power benefits, the trend now blows onto the petrol engine as well.

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