5 Land Rover problems you should know for a used Range Rover L322

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I know many of you are the fans for the Range Rover L322.

If you search on the internet, you will see many pros & cons about this legend vehicle.

So, let’s spend the wonderful time to discuss the common problems you should know for a L322 land rover.


First, lets see...

  1. Air Suspension

When it comes to the superior ride quality and off-road ability, we will mention the Range Rover L322, because of it's all round air suspension.
Even though the air suspension is pretty comprehensive but when you put a 3ton weight car on it, it is still a heavy burden.
So it makes a lot of components in the system failed and damage the construction.

Most air suspension faults have the same symptoms, a SUSPENSION INACTIVE message will show on the dash display.
The suspension will raise very slow or even can't raise at all

The driving mode is out of work and only can go into standard ride mode but not go into off-road mode or access mode.

Sometimes it may restrict car's performance and the dreaded "limp home mode" sign will appear. When the above issues occurred it may be one or more reasons to cause it.
This is one of the common range rover 4.4 tdv8 problems but still difficult to diagnose.



Air Suspension Fault 

If you take your vehicle to the dealership, they will likely recommend that you replace the faulty components with more air suspension components. Until you replace all the components in your air suspension system; you will be in the non-stop repairing for the rest of the vehicle’s life.

So what we will suggest you is another way to fix the annoying problem of Range Rover air suspension. You can get rid of the troubled air suspension from a good and convert to strong, ordinary coil spring.
It is worth to scarify a bit of comfortable ride experience for exchanging the range rover 4.4 tdv8 reliability.

Air suspension faults 

  1. Fuel Gauge

It is a common problem on land rover 4.4 v8. If you asking why some owners of the L322 had fuel gauge reading incorrectly problem. The faulty fuel pump or a faulty ECU will be the answer.


Here are the meaning of two codes that would appeared when your fuel gauge fault.

#1 P0627-00 Fuel Pump A control - circuit/open

#2 P008a-00 Low-pressure fuel system - Pressure is to low


By reading the codes P0627-00, we noticed that there is an open loop in the electrical source from the fuel pump, 'open loop' meaning the connection of the signals were poor or even can't being sent to the ECU from one of the fuel pump wirings.

The P008a-00 mentions it has low-pressure fuel system, which I assumed this was caused by code P0627-00, the open circuit.
Luckily these can be replaced and solved by finding the open circuit (short on wirings) on fuel pump and fixed it.

If you think that you can live with a faulty ECU on the dashboard. You should be careful that the ECU might thought the fuel tank is empty and it will stop the engine to prevent any damage and not start again. If you are not lucky, the engine would be shut down at the inconvenient time and even an awkward location. Overall we suggest maintenance the car regularly.


  1. Brake Discs

No matter which size of Range Rover, their brake pads and discs consume a lot. It is the smallest problem in every range rover problems. Normally, the car replaces the brake system every 60000 miles but Range Rover's brake system needs to be replaced every 30000 miles because of its heavy weight.

8 PCS SET IGNITION COILS FOR LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER L322 4.4 V8 LR022494 2002-05 - #58001-73108

Alright, now you know the problems about air suspension, fuel gauge, and brake discs.

Next, let’s dive deeper to discuss the most complex system in the car and that’s the Transmission!


  1. Transmission

The gearbox of L322 which is ZF and GM5 and they are well known for automatic gearbox problems starting from around 80,000 miles, some of the common faults are shuddering at approx. 2000rpm, slow gear engagement and gear changes when cold, torque converter lock up.
This is range rover 4.4 sdv8 common problem. At first a reluctance to shift gear and the engine management or gear monitor faults sign appearance on the dashboard. If you still not maintenance the car, the next symptom would be a chattering noise under drive. When the above range rover 4.4 tdv8 engine problems occurs, stop driving the vehicle now and call the recovery truck to take it to the car repair shop.

By the way, the cost that some customers are being quoted were about thousands of pounds, it was way too high for a old vehicle. Most of the people prefer selling their vehicles to paying the huge price on the cost of repair.

As the saying goes ”Penny-wise, pound-foolish“

So we highly recommended to maintain your car regularly to prevent bad things from happening.

Take it to the car repair shop.

  1. Loss of Power

Many issues could cause 4.4 range rover engine to loss power and engine rough. This problem could cause from a vacuum leak, a worn timing belt, a faulty catalytic converter, a problematic fuel pump and airflow sensor, or a malfunction in the ignition coil. The most common range rover 4.4 v8 (diesel) engine problems are EGR valves or a split in one of the intercooler hoses and cause the vacuum leak that the air and fuel mixture is incorrect leading to poor performance. In addition to your vehicle hesitating as you drive, you may also notice black smoke coming from the exhaust, poor fuel mileage, and overall poor performance of the vehicle. We suggest to change both hoses even if only one hose is faulty because the other will fail soon after.



Alright, after we talked about the common problems of L322 from Range Rover. Here 4 bonus tips for you to check your Range Rover L322


#1 Engine: Listen for a rattle at idle from the supercharger. 


#2 Cooling system: Check the coolant expansion tank. Check if there was a failed O-ring seals at the water jacket housing behind the engine, causing overheating and coolant leaks into the gearbox.


#3 Suspension: Check the air suspension scrolls the three height settings noiselessly, and check the bellows aren’t leaking. Listen for the front wishbones knocking under braking, and rear hub bushes clonking over bumps.


#4 Brakes: Check brake disc and pad life every time before you driving.


These are the Top-4 checking points for you to maintain your L322.

Use these tips to maintain your 4.4 L322 Range Rover with good cares.

As always, I appreciate of your reading and I wish you all the best with your life and your family !!


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