Why replacement chain tensioner of Holden Commodore VZ Crewman 3.6L V6 always stuck??

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Where can fix vz commodore timing chain problems?
What does the timing chain tensioner do?
How much does it cost to replace VZ timing chain?
The early Holden VE SV6 timing chain had problems that could cost thousands of dollars to fix.
What are alloytec timing chain symptoms and how to check my timing chain?

inner construction of replacement timing chain tensioner_hjlautoparts

Tensioner Got STUCK again?!
It's common for mechanist to adjust the tensioner when replace the timing chain system. So that they can make sure the chain & guide sits in the perfect place, tensioner gives proper pressure and whole system work harmonically.
Some tensioners have STUCK problems and caused mechanics headache as they can't adjust the timing system.
HJL technical team did some tests to study such cases and brings you some great news here!
Take a look at Tensioner Function & Construction!
Tensioner, literaically, is responsible for applying tension and pressure onto chain and make sure the chain runs perfectly on the track.
Oil inside let tensioner to generate the pressure so the oilway must be clean and smooth. 
Then is the inner construcion, Holden Commodore has the "Ladder-like" design tube device in the timing tensioner.
The purpose is to let tensioner pin can only go one direction.
In case that if the chain is enlongered, the tensioner can still apply sufficient pressure on the chain. 
ladder-like design tensioner pin
 (Ladder-like device on the pin)

Side Effect of the Ladder-like tube design?!
After mounting the chain kit onto the engine, mechanist normally will turn on the car and let the engine run hours to make sure the timing system works fine with new parts. If the result is not satisfied, mechanist now will use the tensioner to do adjustment. Since the pin can only go up, mechanist is unable to adjust new design tensioner without lauch reset process manually. 
Manual Reset Process!
Understanding the function and construction of this tensioner, now HJL is going to give you better choice timing chain kit by upgrading the tensioner. 
HJL Auto studied the "Manual Reset Process" function for repair shop can adjust the "ladder-like" design tenisoner easier when replace the timing chain kit. from road bump. 
HJL technical team took the video to show our clients how to reset the tensioner manually. 

Better Performance!   
Meanwhile, our technical team also upgrade the tensioner pin to let it have stronger and more durable quality. The vibration is less while the car is running, so that the ladder-like device won't go too far because of impacts from road bumps. 
+ More Stable Oil Pressure upon Chain
+ Less Tensioner Operating Vibration
+ Manual Reset Tensioner Design

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