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You must have heard about how scary it is when owners see DSG 7 speed letters flashing in VW MK6.

then keep blinking

Or in other vehicles, it has the “flashing PRNDS” as no matter which gear you set, the car is maintaining the Limp Home Mode and the gear letter is flashing on the dashboard.

I call it the “dead Flashing” to describe this terrified situation as your DSG 0AM mechatronic is now approaching the status of malfunction.

So, today let’s see the love & hate of many DQ200 car owners and let’s get to it right away!


I call it the “dead Flashing” to describe this terrified situation as your DSG 0AM mechatronic is now approaching the status of malfunction.

So, today let’s see the love & hate of many DQ200 car owners and let’s get to it right away!

Very common problem caused by this reason is the oil leaking and causes the loss of proper pressure to activate the transmission.


#2 Piston Rods Leak

2 kinds of dimensions of piston plunger, pictured as C1 & C2 position, one is 75mm and the other is 77mm.

These piston plungers wear over time.

When they are aged, the rods have the leak so the oil couldn’t kept in the transmission.

It will cause the hydraulic accumulator can’t have sufficient pressure to work system normally.


#3  Failed Reverse Selector

The reason to cause so is the faulty bearing inside the reverse selector and it will require strip down the transmission to replace the bearing or the selector fork.

Pay attention on the below symptoms as either one is the sign to signal the reverse selector failure.

  1. The loss of reverse gear
  2. Crunching or grinding sound when selecting reverse
  3. 6th gear does not engage in some vehicles
  4. Fault code 06293 or 01851 may show up when you connect it to the scanning tool
  5. Flashing PRNDS on dashboard

Without any hesitation, contact your mechanics if any of these symptoms shown.

The reverse selector fork


#4 The worn DSG7 clutch discs

Just like all other car components, the clutches and discs wear over time.

The clutches on the 7 speed 0AM are made of 2 individual friction material discs; suffer from the same wear and pressure issues just like other parts.

And this wear in the 0AM gearbox results in clutch juddering when accelerate from car stalling or when swift the gears.

Another common symptom is it produces an over-revving effect as the clutches slip and struggle to gain grip to the power from the engine.

It’s crucial that these clutches are installed by an experienced mechanic with specialist tools.

Many cases are simply replace the worn clutches can remove the mechatronic problem other than replacing the whole unit which costs fortune.


Except for these components, how is your case to run into the 0AM mechatronic problems?

Please comment below to share with us your own experience.


Symptoms of Common DSG7 DQ200 Problems

DSG automatic gearbox, first introduced in the US market in 2005 on the Audi TT, is widely used by Audi, Porsche and VW on their plenty vehicles.

With this 2-clutche for one gear box design, the power can work really nice and the fuel economy is better improved.

Though it do have its own issues when compares to other automatic transmission.


Except the Limp Home Mode which we just mentioned earlier, here are some common symptoms you can check if you DQ200 mechatronic have the problems soon.

#1 No drive or reverse function

#2 No gear engagement

#3 EPC light on

Electronic Power Control


#4 Sudden loss of power

This is an invariably caused by a failed mechatronic unit and the transmission may be forced into a failsafe which is what we call the Limp Home Mode.


#5 Harsh gearshifts

In most cases, it could be the clutch actuator malfunction as well as the oil pressure control issues.

Sooner or later, the clutch related failures are the next possible issue after mechatronic failures.

When the problem gets worse, you can hardly select any gears and the


#6 Mechanical noises

Some mechanical noises like whining, grinding or rumbling may appear in all gears because some DSG families are prone to premature bearing wear.

So be attentive to any unusual noises from the engine chamber.


#7 Engine idles at low speeds

The reason to cause so is the mechatronic unit contains circuits that control the engine speed.

When the circuits fail or corrupt, it causes the engine to stall especially at low speeds.

Following that, the relevant clutch will fail to engage properly.


As we mentioned, DSG transmission is an epoch design in 2005.
Back to that time, it is the best practical unit to combine both manual and automatic transmission function.

This incorporation provides the gear changes within milliseconds that can offer better and more flawless experience.

While there is no transmission type is perfect, the DSG also has its own disadvantages.

Slight problems like software updates can be easily solved compare to the biggest disadvantage related to persistent reliability issue.

Still, we deeply believe that with the hacks to maintain the 0am mechatronic, the advantages will surpass the disadvantages.


Hacks You Can Take Care of Your DSG Automatic Gearbox
(The things you should never do to your DSG)


  1. Don’t switch to “N”eutral when stop the car
    It is recommended that not switch to neutral when stop with a DSG.
    If you need longer time to stall the car with the engine on, just switch the gear to “P”ark.
    Leave it in “Neutral” long time when you idle your will increase the heat inside the gearbox.
    Also the heat in the torque converter will be increased.
    So, it really makes no sense to move the gear lever and deliver mixed signals to the gearbox control unit.


  1. Don’t save fuel by gearing at “N”eutral
    Once again, please don’t have the myth that switching to “Neutral” can save you the fuel.
    Put the gear at “Neutral” will put a lot more stress on our transmission.
    There is even a terrified misunderstanding that you can save the fuel by switching the gear to “Neutral” when going downhill.
    Oh my, this is absolutely a dangerous gesture as it means you let go of all the control.
    Any descent sudden accident will put you in the harmful situation as you have no methods to shift the gear smoothly.
    You can imagine how harmful it is to your DSG automatic gearbox by slamming into the gears during car is moving.


  1. Periodically check your transmission fluid level <Dipstick collection>
    The myth “No need to replace the ATF never” will only damage your gearbox.
    The lifetime ATF is the fable; only the regular fluid change can guarantee you clean and good fluid to your transmission.
    We don’t want our transmission fluid get dirty or even has debris inside the tank, so remember to change the ATF every 60,000-80,000 miles.
    This will longer your transmission life for sure!


  1. Don’t switch the gear from Drive to Reverse when car is still moving
    Though it sounds funny but many cars have the shifter down near the bottom which can be hit accidently easily. You won’t want this heedless of attention damage your car.


  1. Replace the transmission filter periodically
    Some vehicles rely on the transmission filter to regulate pressure of the fluid and get rid of the dirt and debris in the oil.
    In this case, be sure to have filter replacement regularly.


  1. Check the engine’s cooling system
    The cooling system can make sure the proper temperature of both engine and transmission.
    Have a regular check on the cooling system can make sure it works properly and help to protect our transmission.


  1. Pay attention on any abnormal noises from transmission
    Never ignore any strange noises while driving. Very often the big trouble comes from our ignorance of the tiny abnormal situation. If you can sort out the problems when they are still tiny, you can prevent the big trouble in advance.


Cost of replacing a DSG mechatronic is so high and it varies depending on the make, model, and the failure reasons.

The cost range for mechatronic unit will be around $5000 to 10,000 or sometimes even more.

Find the transmission shop near you to receive the help in time.

So, keep the track with the maintenance plans is the best way to take care of your DSG transmission car.


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