Coil Pack Cost Can Be LOW? Do You Know 2017 Hyundai Elantra Ignition Coil Recall Problem?

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Do you have difficulty to start the engine or is your car misfiring?
These common signs are telling you that you have a problematic coil pack which is malfunctioning.

car owners also claimed that they experienced the car idling rough while in park and the check engine light coming on.
Also some experienced the misfire while driving on the road.

After checked with the repair shops, the reasons to cause these problems are all the same, ignition coil failure.

If you also have similar problem experience but not caused by the faulty ignition coils, write down “1” below in the comment.

Now, let’s see the

Common problems of Hyundai Elantra 2017

Except the ignition coils, we’d like to remind you the common problems of Hyundai Elantra.

Pay more attention on these parts when you do the car service.

#1 Air Bag light on


This situation happened to many car owners. When they insert the key into ignition and start up the engine, they have this light on to say the passenger airbag is off.

This is so spooky and weirdo as there is no one sitting on the passenger seat. 

Only when there are 65 pounds or more weight are on the passenger seat, the sensor can sense it and trigger the signal.

The most possible reason is the electronic system that makes Hyundai notorious again.

The easy way to remove this light is to shut off the car and start it up again.

Sometimes it goes away.

But still, we will recommend you to visit the dealer as what it really needs is the “program reflash”.


#2 Alternator light on

Last and a little bit bothering is the alternator replacement.

I said it a bit annoying is because Hyundai alternator requires replacement every 8 to 12 months.

Yup, as long as you replace the alternator whenever you see the alternator light on, everything will be fine.


#3 Piston ticks

Check your engine oil level when you hear the ticking sound from the engine chamber.
Make sure you have enough oil and the oil is clean.

The regular on time oil replacement can make sure the clean oil with enough volume.
Must be many car owners had the same experience as Hyundai is notorious for that.

It sounds like your lifters are falling but not, it’s actually the pistons are damaging because the oil is dirty.


#4 Timing chain slaps

When this problem happens, you couldn’t start your car. You will only hear the “crank crank crank” noise when you turn on the engine.

If the spark is fine and the fuel pressure is correct, very possible your timing chain system goes wrong.

And if you can start the engine, during the drive you may hear the chattering noise like a deck of cards slapped on the wood.

That could be the timing chain guides break and couldn’t hold the chains in the correct place.

In this situation, you probably will get 2 error codes: P0340 and P0016.

Replace the timing chain and the problem should be solved.


#5 Steering column issue

This issue came from the rubber coupler in the steering column.

Look at our photo, this spacer which located in the middle, wears and shreds over time.

These rubber pieces will impede the proper function of steering column system.


In our before videos, we talked about the symptoms to tell you the coil packs are falling. Please refer to these videos.

To recognize these symptoms are important to reduce our ignition coil replacement cost.


Speaking of that, let’s talk about the

Car Coils Cost You Need to Know

Car coils replacement simply consists of the coil price and labor cost.
The stated that the average price of coil pack replacement ranges from $180 to $300, in which the labor cost is around $80 to $100.
The price for coil pack itself may vary depending on the make, the model and years of individual vehicle.
You can also learn how to replace the ignition coil by yourself as it’s not a difficult job.


In that way, you can save to labor cost as well as enjoy the DIY fun.

With that being said, here are the easy peacey steps to replace your ignition coil packs.

Shall we roll up the sleeves and give it a try?!


#1 Remove negative battery terminal.
Very first step, make sure you remove the negative batter terminal from the cable and make sure your working environment is dry and safe.

#2 Remove the plastic cover on the engine if your car has any.

#3 Remove the cables or connectors from the coil.

  You can also label them to prevent mixing them up when install them.

#4 Pop out ignition coils of the engine. In some cases, you may need to remove a bolt first.

#5 At this step, you may consider of replacing the spark plugs as well. Usually these spark plugs also need to be replaced every 20,000 miles as they wear at the same speed just like ignition coils.

So, pay attention on the spark plugs gap upon your user manual. If the gap is out of the standard spec, replace the plugs right away.

#6  Last, install the new coil packs and reconnect the cables.
Turn on the car and check if it goes smoothly.

Occasionally, the check engine light will be still on and doesn’t go away.

If so, check our below methods to help you reset it and remove the CEL signal.

  1. Take a ride.
    No matter what car problems you just fixed, take it for a drive to test the new car parts.

This is normally everyone will do.
Give your car computer some time to check the system, if it recognizes the problem has been fixed, it will reset the CEL accordingly then.

   However, if you fail to remove the CEL on status after miles test drive, let’s try our next method.

  1. Turn off the car and turn on again.
    Yes, it is literally that simple.
    For some cars, this method will reset car computer and give it some time to re-check the car system.
    In the process, the computer can get rid of the error codes that trigger the check engine light.
    So, simply turn off the car for about seconds and then turn it on again.
    Try this in succession for couple times and it should be done.


Alright, back to our discussion about the coil pack replacement cost, let’s give you some examples of each car manufacturer’s ignition coil cost.

1.Ford F-150

The ignition coil for this King of performance car is around $120 to $160 and the labor cost is around $50 to $100. And that makes the whole replacement cost for 1 ignition to $170 to $260.


2.Honda Accord

Comparing to F-150, the coil for Accord is much cheaper around $50 to $110.

Though the labor cost is around $50 to $100 similar to F-150, the overall cost is still much cheaper.

  1. BMW N20 N26 F10 F22 or F23 

The individual coil is around $50 to $100 while the labor cost is between #50 to $90.

Sounds like it’s much more economic!

4.Toyota Camry

Next, let’s see the ignition coil cost for Toyota series. If you have the sophisticated car like Camry, the unit cost per coil is around $90 to $200 depends on the brands.
Though the unit price looks like a bit higher than BMW or Honda; Toyota always wins the best quality reputation so I bet its coil pack can have longer service time.


  1. Audi A4 A5 Q5 Q7

What an odd! Audi A4, A5, Q5 and Q7 use the same coil pack as Volkswagen Touareg.

This high demand for so many vehicles makes the parts availability easy to reach.

And when you have many choices to source your car parts, that means the unit price for the ignition coil will be very competitive.

The unit cost is around $70 to $150 which is really enticing to the car owners. 

Oh, nearly forgot to mention that, there is one more part you may consider of replacement when you change the ignition coil and that is the spark plug.

Every gas engine car uses spark plug to ignite the air-fuel mixture. The ignition coil will send a very high voltage to spark plug so it can fire the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

Over time, the contacts of the spark plug will build up the carbon deposits or fouled with the dirty oil.

The faulty spark plug also will cause the same problem as ignition coil does.

So remember to have a check on your spark plug when you replace the ignition coil.

Or refer to your user manual for the replacement interval idea.


When you’re stick on your maintenance plan, you’ll feel it is very easy to take care of your vehicles.

And when you replace the

Every component in our car system has its own schedule to require service. The best way is to check your user manual.

Or you’re welcome to refer to our channel which we have more than 60 videos to share the maintenance tips and the hacks to shoot the car problems.


Alright, I’m so grateful that you watch the video till the end.

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And I’ll see you soon next time.





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