Buy a used car? Here are the check list before you pay!

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Used Car New Life
If you're considering of purchasing a used car, here are some tips before you made decision. It is normal the dealer will give you free return in 7 days. Take advantage of this period, you shall have the profound check of your new buddy.

1. Exterior
First begin with the Exterior. Check if any wrecks or no good paints on the car surface. Also we suggest Paint Gauge to measure the paint thickness. With this gauge you can tell which part of the car is re-painted before. In that way, that area may have collision ever.

2. Engine
The diagnose scanner may come in handy at this moment, if you don't have it, ask help to your trust repair shop. Plug the scanner with your car computer to see if there is any fault codes. The live data will tell you holistic result of your car. It's pretty like health check which can provide you details via microscope insight.

Also if there are problems with other mechanics part like turbo charger or sensor, it's a good opportunity to fix all the headaches.

3. Transmission
Same way, you must analyze the transmission system. Different error codes give you notions to maintain your transmission. With the proper maintenance, your used car can perform great just like the new one.

Above are the 3 priority you must conduct. We also offer some other points that you shall check too.

Check Lists of a Used Hand Car
Engine Oil
Transmission Fluid
Engine Air filter
breaker & brake pad
if any corrosion on battery
radiator coolant
exhaust smoke


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