4 Tips to Longer Your Turbocharger Car Life

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Turbochargers take the exhausted air to spin blades delivering hot air into the inter-cooler via tube. After air compressed and cooled down, it is sent to engine chamber to produce more power. So with the help of turbocharger, engine can have more power more efficiently. As long as the turbocharger keeps in good status, the car can last as long as possible.

1. Don't race it up when engine is still cold.
When engine turned on cool, wait 5-10 seconds to let oil flow thru the turbo. The engine oil, nowadays also designed for the turbocharger oil mostly, is responsible for lubricating the turbocharger. Also, drive slow for the beginning few m ins to allow engine warm up and not rev engine up with full power.

2. Use high quality oil.
Full Synthetic Oil is highly recommended and needed to be changed periodically. Every 5,000 to 7,000 miles is suggested. Turbocharger spins itself by using exhausted air which is extremely hot so synthetic oil is favorable to stand for the heat.

3. Idling for 30 secs before shut off the car
Vert important is that when you come to a stop, wait few secs before you shut off engine. These few secs allow turbocharger to release the heat from chamber. In this way, turbo can get rid off excess heat so won't get damaged.

4. Make sure the Inter-cooler system works properly.
Inter-cooler will help the heat flow away from turbocharger so the chamber will not be overheated. Check if there is any cracks or loosen clamp on the inter-cooler hose. Make sure there is no bugs or obstacles like plastic bag on inter-cooler surface to interfere the air flow. Also make sure the coolant is clean. You don't want any dirty to be the friction to damage your turbocharger.


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