4 transmission solenoid symptoms of a bad linear solenoid

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We talked about function of linear solenoid before and today we're talking more about the transmission solenoid symptoms of a failure one.

Common to see:
1. Limp Home Mode
This is the most often symptom you will encounter when something wrong with your transmission. Accelerating function fails and then gear can't shift.

2.Gear is stuck in 2nd stage

3.Transmission can't downshift

4.Erratic shifting or server shifting response delay

Transmission Solenoid Function
As we talked about before, transmission gears are sifting with fluid volume changing and solenoid is responsible for the fluid level control. A function well solenoid must be able to regulate the fluid pressure. TCU (transmission control unit) is supposed to receive correct message of oil pressure and activate proper gear. When solenoid is out of work, it can't receive the electric current and the message is failed to be delivered to Transmission Control Module (TCM) in time. ECU will then appear an error code or ECL is on because solenoids are linked to vehicle's electrical system. So when these signs and symptoms appear, let your auto shop to check solenoid or transmission system for you. First the mechanic will check the error code by connecting scan tool and your ECU. With error code diagnose, they can sort out where the solenoid problem came from and then decide the fixing method to proceed.


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