What to do when DSG 7 DQ200 has Transmission Oil leaking Headache?

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Question & Case
As Video shown, transmission Auto Repair Mechanic told that system can't run smoothly after installation and found oil keep leaking from Valve Body Piston Hole.
Well known that gear shifts with adjustment of fluid pressure. Insufficient pressure in system denefitely will lead to problems in 0AM and leaking seals & gaskets normally are the main reason. 
7speed DSG piston rod & rubber seat-1         7speed DSG piston rod & rubber seat-2

These 2 piston rods goes with rubber seats on the valve hole.
The perfect fit provides good seal. Lack of either one will appear same symptom like today's case.

Check out the piston rod length before installation99mm & 101mm piston rod length

2 length piston rods, 99mm & 101mm, are existing in 0AM transmission system. If you're planning to replace not only TCM transmission control unit, but also whole transmission body, remember to check the length of piston rods. The precise fitment for rods and seats prevent you the headache of oil leaking.  Checking VIN number can't tell the piston length, so the practical way is to disamble the rod and major it. Then place Valve body with correct length rods fit your 0AM.
Car owners complain about gear shifting problem and wrongly assume gear problem only happens in Manual transmission system. Fact is problems happen in both Automatic and Manual transmission. The trouble-free solution for gear box is to check fluid level and change high quality oil regularly.  It will require 7.5 liters gear oil after installation.


Easily Process to order 0AM TCU,

  1. Give VIN or Chassis No
  2. HJL Team confirm fitment in 4hrs
  3. 3-5days to program the module after payment received
  4. DHL or Fedex delivery and you will receive around 1-4days depends on express company arrangement

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