Do you have same question on your Mazda 3 timing chain replacement as Lighting McQueen does?

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The final 3 loops to the Champion line of Piston Cup, Lighting McQueen today picked up the 2006 Mazda 3 to join the race. Weather is beautiful, wind direction nice, everything perfect for McQueen to step onto oil pedal to speed up. And McQueen is enjoying the wind blowing by his face. The thunder alike harray cheers him up for speeding up more to run to the end line. The engine and speed match harmonically as his team just help the car with completely maintence and replacement this week. He still remembers what Luigi &Guido told him about the whole replacement details as this aged Mazda 3 was not at the good status. 
Luigi: Not many parts we need to replace. We will remove the turbo (l3m713700c) and replace with new one in case it fails. 
Guido: Sì, nessun problema.
Luigi: Bigger problem is that rattling sound from the engine chamber. This is not fun and it may cause big trouble.
McQueen: What's wrong?
Luigi: Very high possibility that timing chain stratched and need to be replaced. This is very common problem for the engine which Mazda designed during 2007 to 2012, like 2007 mazda cx7 timing chain kit. We better fix it to make sure it won't break and damage your engine.
McQueen: How long shall a proper timing chain last? 
Luigi: (Frown his eyeblow and spoke with his lovely Italian Accent) Normally the chain can last more than 200,000 miles without any problems. The problem is cheap quality Tensioner which doesn't play his role well to keep the tension on the chain, So that the chain failed and stretched before the standard working time length, for example, Ford F150 has the plastic tensioner which has the faulty problem all the time. (Below you can see the difference and we will have more disscussion about F150 Plastic Tensioner later on)
F150 timing tensioner hjlautopart timing chain kit 
The car you will use for next week race, has the same timing system like Mazda 6 mps timing chain kit which was designed during 2007 to 2012. The type with turbo version, also applied onto Speed 3, mazda 5 and CX-7. All of them have cheap tensioner problem and lead the chain fail and stretch before 100K, some even earlier at 81k miles. When the rattling sound appears, sounds like the marbles in the motor, better check out your car in the repair shop. The turbo system is also suggested to be diagnosed because turbo is another common major problems caused the recall for 2007-2010 models. Since we replaced it earlier, you don't need to worry about it now.
Guido: Sì, nessun problema. (proud to pat his chest)
McQueen: Really amazing job and wonderful lesson from you two!! So only these two problems need to be fixed?
Luigi: Now it raised your interests! In fact, there are some common problems with this Mazda engine. I can talk all night but first don't you have to meet Doc Hudson?
When McQueen's car arrives through the end line, once again, the whole team embracing the proud with him! 
More stories will come up soon.....stay tune!!


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Do you have same question on your Mazda 3 timing chain replacement as Lighting McQueen does?

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