Nissan Primera P12 Timing Chain Replacement Cost UK?

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Nissan Primera P12 which was introduced to the UK market in year 2001, shared the same chassis system with Renault Laguna. Engine system includes QR20DE- 147hp, QR25DD- 170hp, QG18DE- 118hp, SR20VE- 200hp, QG16DE- 109hp, and YD22DDTi- 139hp.

Both sedan and wagon models were available in the market from 2001 to 2007. So what's the most common engine maintenance problem for the owners of this popular big boy?
Well, it's turbocharger on 2.2 cdi sometimes has whistling sound when driving.  It's timing chain sometimes has loose and snap problem, luckily snap problem is occasional case. 
You may consider of changing a hybrid to solve the turbo problem, though it may cost high at the beginning.

How about to ease the timing chain worn out headache?

Nissan Primera P12 timing chain replacement cost

If you are wondering that changing the timing chain is not cheap job, well, Bingo!!
It's really not easy job so the price goes high as well.
Many car owners encounter the same situation when they hear the rattling sound since they start up the engine especially when the engine is cold.
The reason is either the chain was stretched, the tensioner was out of work, or must be the chain guide was worn out.
We discussed the other symptoms before as well.
Better way is to send your car into the repair shop for advanced checking.

Some forums did have profound discussion about Nissan Primera P12 about its performance and frequent timing chain snapping problems.
The rough REPLACEMENT COST for fixing the engine is about £800-£120.
Taking timing chain kit replacement for example, the kit is about £160 and with minimum 5 hrs mechanics checking it should be no more than £500 I assume.
No matter the quality of chain, tensioner, and other components are good or bad, the professional installation fee is a must. 
Ask help from your Repair Shop Experts!

Nissan P12 Primera timing chain kit replacement

I know timing chain causes a lot of rattle/misfire/bad idling before actually snapping..
It doesn't really snap at once the chain is loose.
But once you get a good amount of warning if you ignore the signals the engine talks to you, the chain will stretch too long and then snap!

The related components of the engine get damage then.
Consult with your Repair Shop mechanics!
Because if you keep good maintenance of your engine, it can make sure the engine chamber in good status and lower the headache. 
Keep regular change of the consumable parts like engine oil, filter, belt, and of course the timing chain, tensioner, and chain guide...etc.

Listen more to your engine when driving, it will also bring you the message if it doesn't feel good. Then you don't have too much to worry about!!

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