Fail to Install DQ200 DSG 7 Mechatronic 0AM TCU Because of These 4 Mistakes You Made

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How often should dq200 mechatronic oil be changed?
Although the DSG 7 dq200 problems are not uncommon, luckily all of which have various repair solutions
Where can I buy the 0am mechatronic repair kit?
How much does the DSG 7 dq200 0am cost?
How do you reset DSG 0am basic settings?
When should I change my DSG 7 mechatronic oil?
Fail to install the DSG 7 0AM TCU?? 
Let's say you finally installed the whole mechantronic unit but it turned out to remain the same problems.
Probably the gear can't move.
Probably check engine light is still on.
Or maybe you can't drive at speed over 40.
Or worse, you can't even complete the basic setting with your car computer.
You can only see "Cancel Code" or "Abort" on the diagnose tool.
What's going wrong?
Today we're going to tell you the 4 common mistakes that our repair shops
friends ever made before.
Due to these common tiny mistakes, you fail to install the 0AM successfully. 
Reason #1  Valve Body broken or leak
The accumulation valve body of DQ200 is very easy to break.
Then it will cause the oil leak and lose the hydraulic pressure. 
So remember to check the valve body thoroughly before you install the whole unit.
dq200 dsg7 0am valve body broken hjlautoparts
From the pic, the part circled in orange is broken so the pressure won't be kept tightly.
Normally the car computer will show the Error Code #P17BF to tell you the hydraulic accumulator is leaking.
Different error codes have different meanings to tell what problem the vehicle has.
We prepare a free list to show you all the error codes meaning.
Please comments below to leave your email so we can send the list to you
Reason #2 Insufficient Hydraulic Pressure or Wrong Valve Oil Added
Due to the delivery safety concern, the accumulation valve body oil normally was drained out.
So you need to add this fluid into the valve body before installation.
Keep in mind, this valve body oil, which is GREEN, is different from the RED color transmission oil.
You add the wrong fluid, you screw it.
We had couple mechanics friends ever wrongly filled the transmission oil inside the accumulator, the whole control plate crashed down in the end.
Because the wrong oil couldn't bear the transmission running heat and it turned out to burn the transmission computer plate.
Green Green Green--> it is damn so important so please must keep in mind!!
dsg 7 dq200 0AM mechtronic
Reason#3  Wrong Installation Process Operated
For example, you install the unit without locating all selector forks in N position which is the middle.
0AM DQ200 DSG 7 hjlautoparts
Every selector fork has 3 positions to move:
gear selected-neutral-gear selected.
Use hand to move each fork to neutral position continuously.
Make sure all 4 folks are all align in the middle.
Why MUST be in middle Neutral??
Otherwise gearbox won't function!!
!!Believe us, numerous mechanics made this error.
You are not the only one, but we wish you are not the one!!
So we collected some points from our customers real installation experience which can prevent you the same headache.
Please comment the email below so we can send you the file.
Reason#4  Piston Rods Leak
The last common reason to cause the hydraulic accumulator doesn't have sufficient pressure is the broken piston rods.
You can see below our previous video from our customer.
He came to us because he encountered the problem after the installation and his supplier refused to help him.
After our diagnose, we suggested him to replace brand new piston rods and the problem solved.
Well....reliable supplier and quality products do counts??!!
By the way, There are 2 types of piston plunger rods on C1 and C2 position.
One is 75mm and another is 77 mm.
This can't be recognized from your VIN( or chassis number), so most of time we don't attach these 2 rods with our product.
You are suggested to use the original one since very few chance to replace these 2 parts.
If you need brand new rods, you need to inform us the exact length so we can prepare for you.
0AM piston rod plunger dimension
So these are the Top-4 Common mistakes that every one may make easily.
So how about you?
Have you ever install the 0AM by yourself?
Are you successful for installation? or....You're conquered by the installation? 
Comment below to let us know; we always love to hear from you!

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