Why many repair shops don’t make any money... (Even if they’re good)

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I want to tell you about a scenario that is very real in today’s auto repairing business.

And it is getting more obvious nowadays.


Imagine this, there are 2 repairing shops, A & B.

They both have excellent skill, good experience, and similar company background and history.


The owner of Shop-A are very dedicating on the repairing job just like his other teammates.

He works so hard till the late night if more cars need repairing on that day.

However, his car counts is not stable and very often he has few cars waiting to be fix.

No car counts means no jobs; no jobs means no income money.

You and I both know that feeling really sucks.


Versus the owner of Shop-B, daily he is taking the photos of his shop and taking video of the his teammate’s whole repairing process

And sitting in front of the computer whole day.

He seldom gets involved in the repairing jobs.

However, he has full appointment schedule for 2-3 months.

Some of the customers even come from the far towns nearby.



What’s going wrong?

Clearly, you and I can assume that Shop-B owner must do something different than Shop-A.

So, if you’re wondering what magic wand does Shop-B owner has?

Or, if you’re interesting in growing your shop business as good as Shop-B.


You have to check out this,


As I said, the magic wand is inside the video and it all depends how much do you want it.


Don’t click it if you’re not ready for the secrets to boost your business.


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