How to choose good quality engine mount?

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Engine Mount Type

Engine mounts, also called motor mounts, are crucial to your vehicle’s proper functioning; providing a strong grip upon the engine is part of what makes the vehicle function as the damage that would certainly disable the engine if the thrust were unrestrained. Engines are strong: creating horsepower at high enough levels to move several tons of metal forward at fantastic rates. The thrust that is the byproduct of all that strength would cause the engine to buck and shift violently inside the compartment that houses the engine were it not firmly gripped by the engine mount.

There are different types of mountings: 

  • Solid mount: The engine mount itself is composed of solid steel and includes a tough rubber insert that is meant to dampen the engine’s vibration and isolate the vibration from the chassis of the vehicle to reduce component stress and overall shifting, in this part, the rubber hardness is very important, wh
  • Hydraulic mount : Some vehicles have different kinds of engine mounts: Hydraulic mounting with hollow chambers filled with a hydraulic fluid, or hydraulic. Hydro-mounts in particular absorb vibrations like a jelly-filled donut – these vibrations would otherwise be passed through to the chassis of the vehicle.

What you should pay attention when choosing mountings? 

When you are choosing the solid mount, please try to choose the hardness is similar to original product one, too hard or too soft are not good for your vehicle, and will still cause vibration!

When it comes to choose the hydraulic mounting, especially from aftermarket, please pay attention that if the product is “real hydraulic mounting” sometimes the lower quality hydraulic mounting was made by only putting oil inside but without chamber instracture inside! If your car is pretty “old “right now maybe the solid mounting could be another economic choice, as long as the mounting can solve your noise and vibration problem, it’s good quality one!!



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