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How much does it cost to replace a vvt solenoid, a variable valve timing solenoid or a variable valve timing actuator?
Where can I replace the vvt gear and how much does it cost to replace a vvti cam gear?
What's vvti gear?
How to replace camshaft timing gear?
Where can buy the vvti cam gear?

Variable Cam Phaser in VVT engine

More & more vehicles are equipped with VVT cam gear to improve fuel economy performance.
This design is one of the notable breakthroughs innovations in automobile history.
In below link, you can get more information about VVT gear functions.
What Does CVVT Stand for in Cars & Symptoms of a Bad Variable Valve Timing VVT ?
With altering valve lift movement, VVT system can provide better performance.
The electronic technology allows right amount of oil supply to get into engine via variable valve timing solenoid adjustment.

Toyota VVT-i variable valve timing

Automakers have their own names to this technology.
Ford calls it Variable Camshaft Timing, VCT.
VVT-i is the name how Toyota calls it.
Also different designs exist for VVT system and the most common is Cam Phasing type.
With cam phasing, valve timing can be altered in time by camshaft position changing according to engine speed.
More modern designs even have two camshafts in engine.
Both intake and exhaust VVTs exist to ensure the control of precise valve timing.

ECM (engine control module) is in charge of controlling the camshaft movement by variable valve timing solenoid to deliver the signal to adjust the oil amount. VVT-i system (Variable Valve Timing - intelligent), received the signal from solenoid then can smoothly change the valve timing according to engine operating conditions.

Signs to tell you to check VVT gears
1. Poor Fuel Efficiency
Any malfunction of timing system can cause waste of fuel and performance.
If you sense any fuel economy declining, chances are the system is failing.

2. Rough and idling running engine
This condition is especially obvious when car is climbing hills or under load.

3. Check Engine Light is on
whenever something wrong in the engine, ECL will be turn on to remind you to check.
Have verified mechanic to connect the car computer to diagnose for you.

4. Dirty Engine Oil
When oil getting dirty, it will cause clogging in timing chain system and Variable Valve Timing Solenoid as well. The VVT is out of order very possible.

How much is VVTi cam gear replacement cost?

When vvti gear failure symptoms appear, you will experience the above conditions.
Then you will know it’s time to have a car check in the service center.

If it’s just the VVT rattling problem, then it’s not big fuss.

Take Toyota vvti gear replacement cost as example, in UK, you can have used ones for GBP70-100 or brand new aftermarket ones for GBP120-150.
In the States, it costs around US$150~200 for aftermarket vct gear.
It will cost much higher for sure if you go the Original ones.

Regarding to the replacement cost, let’s say the average labor hours is around 2-3hours.
VVT cam gear replacement itself is not difficult job but it requires more hours to remove the engine and diagnose the problems.
Since we take toyota vvt gear replacement cost as example, it’s common to see people in the forum will discuss the vvt gear failure and the variable timing gear replacement cost is around 2,500US$ or even more.

And that is the lucky situation.
I mean lucky because you sort out the problems precisely and not take too much time.

Many cases are the repair center couldn’t identify the problems.

Not saying the mechanics not qualified or not experienced, it’s the vehicle itself not do it when you bring the car to the repair shop.

(Believe me, it did happen to my vehicle and it really happened to many people.)

Ways to Maintain VVT gears & Longer Lifetime
The VVT gears are also the oil driven counting on proper oil pressure loads.
Most of time VVT faulty case is caused by contaminated engine oil so the oil cleanness is essential.
Firmly stick to Automaker's recommended maintenance plan is best way to longer the lifetime. Several parts in engine system rely on oil quality and proper oil pressure.
Regular checking your oil level can prevent havoc on your engine!


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