What Cause a Failing Variable Valve Timing vvt Solenoid & How to Fix Bad Oil Control Valve? 

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How to clean the vvt solenoid and oil control valve?
How do you test oil control solenoid and vvt oil control valve?
What are the symptoms of a bad variable valve timing solenoid?
What are the bad vvt solenoid symptoms?
Where can resolve bad vvt solenoid sound?
What happens in vvt solenoid stuck and vvt solenoid symptoms?
Do you still remember story about I spent thousands dollars just because I didn't check out my Honda Accord Linear Solenoid in transmission?
Today, we'll take about oil controller, which has solenoid alike function in engine timing system.
OCV, the oil control valve seated in timing system, normally partnered with VVT sprocket.
It is in charge of controlling the oil flow entering into VVT gears.
The best benefit of control valve valve is providing an efficient fuel consumption. 
Also it can reduce gas emissions and engine performance will be improved.

solenoid oil filter screen
3 Symptoms of Bad VVT Solenoid
1.Engine Idling Rough & RPM Fluctuation.
   When OCV is failed to generate proper oil pressure, VVT may get stuck to work. 
   Engine then starts to idle rough as VVT fails to activate higher power at higher RPM.

2.Poor Fuel Efficiency
   With OCV and VVT cooperation, intake and exhaust valve work in time to save fuel consumption.

3.Check Engine Light On
   Any component is detected and monitored with engine control computer to make sure all goes fine.
   If such an important solenoid sensor is out of work, computer will signal you by turning on the CEL. 

The Reasons to Causes a Faulty Oil Control Valve?
The dirty engine oil is the culprit cause of the faulty most of the time.
Any debris or dirty in the oil will cause the stuck of OCV and VVT.
Some Solenoids have oil filter screen inside the valve.
Occasionally the faulty is caused by the screen is stuck with dirt.

So obviously that dirty oil is the main cause of bad oil valve control.
The way to keep solenoid operate with optimal performance is to keep oil clean.
Sometimes is just so easy to fix your headache by changing the oil or replace the solenoid filter screen.
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