NOX Sensor Replaced Cost for Dodge Ram Truck Cummis Diesel Engine

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Not saying quality NOX sensor never has problem; more or less problems occur in electronics or sensor parts. But we always offer assistance to garage when problem occurs. Here is one case from our customer advised the NOX appears with Error Code U029D.

What's U029D meaning?
U029D normally means Lost Communication With NOX Sensor 'A'.
2 NOX sensor equipped in Dodge Ram Van. One seated behind turbo, 61955-44600, called as sensor bank A with dealer price US$700-US$900, is responsible for monitoring the engine out NOX level.
The 2nd one is located in between SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) & DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) which is close watching NOX level downstream the SCR. This sensor also gives ECM with exhaust oxygen level information during DPF regeneration.

Symptoms & Possible Causes to U029D Error Code
Common symptoms of faulty code U029D may be the ECL on or Malfunction Indicator Light On to show NOX-A has no voltage produced by sensor module.

And the causes of the Faulty Nitrogen Oxide Sensor may be,
1. Poor Electrical Connection
2. The harness is shorted or open
3. Faulty control module
4. No power to sensor module
5. Short power to the circuit

The experienced trained mechanics knows how to test the NOX-A to find out the problem. Especially some NOX-A do need programmed and calibrated to the vehicle to be installed correctly. And this is what HJL Autoparts Team can support with You!

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