Bad Ignition Coil pack symptom of Saab 9-3 Bad Coil Packs & Ignition Coil Replacement Tips

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Saab 9-3 2.8T V6 Turbo YS3F B284 owners can tell you the Symptoms of bad ignition coil easily as many of them experience the malfunction bad ignition coil ever. Ignition coil's role, as discussed before, is like a transformer to convert voltage from 12 volts to high voltage pulse (around 20,000 to 35,000 volts) to initiate the spark plugs. The coils will wait engine computer's signal to fire the spark plugs. With this close ripple-effect, you'll not be surprised that symptoms of bad coils and bad spark plugs are similar.

Bad Ignition Coil Symptoms Commonly Occurred:
1. Vehicle shuddering & stalling
Jerking & hesitating while accelerating or stalling when car is idling. This is because coil pack fails to pass proper power to spark plug and you will feel the poor power of the vehicle when you drive.

2. Engine misfire & Backfiring
Many reasons can cause misfire, like bad fuel injector or stretched timing chain but when ignition coil packs go wrong, very common you will experience the misfire. You will hear the noise like sputtering or coughing.

3. Check Engine Light On
It will be better to plug in the scanner to retrieve the error code to have draft idea where the engine is going wrong. Faulty code P0301 is for coils have misfire problem and P0351 is to show you the Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction. Even if you don't have diagnose scanner tool, you still can discuss the details with mechanics.

4. Poor Fuel Economy
If you sense noticeable less mileage than it was before, check the ignition coil function before the other symptoms occur. The earlier you can find out the problem, the easier you can solve the headache.

The Ignition Coil Replacement cost for Saab 9-3 is around US$600 to US$800, in which hourly labor cost is around US$200-US$400. if you still can drive the car to the repair shops. Unit coil cost, for example, 12629037 for 2005 to 2015 costs around US35 to US$200 each. Severe bad coil pack problem will cause your 9-3 hardly drive. Regularly vehicle check and replace the problematic coils will be a good way to prolong car life. To save some cost, here we have the tips to identify which single coil went wrong, and you can simply replace the malfunction one.


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