Something you need to know your 2000 jetta vr6 timing chain kit

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What difference between vr6 timing chain and vw jetta timing chain?
When should vr6 timing chain replacement interval?
What are the accessories in vr6 timing chain kit?
How much does vw jetta timing chain replacement cost?
The vr6 timing chain replacement cost is around $1500-$4500 depends on how serious the problem is.


The zig-zag configuration arranging 6 cylinders on one cylinder head, got it the V6-level power but not spent too much larger engine space.
This VR6 revolutionary design made its appearance memorable in 1990 when it was introduced to the world.

vr6 timing chain replacement cost

Overall speaking, Volkwagens Jetta is highly recommended with VR6 fast and reliable performance,

2000 vr6 jetta is especially famous for his best power-strain, a five-speed manual which can provide the power up 174hp and 181 lb-ft torque and made it the best sporty compact sedan we can say in early 2000s.

Families also own it as it offers the cargo space up to 368L so the space is practical big to hold the family baggage.


VR6 using is getting less in latest models as new design requires higher torque.

It is not too much higher than 4-cylinder engine compacted with turbocharger.

If consider of turbocharger inline-four fuel efficiency, VR6 is getting obsolete.

So less & less sedans use this legendary engine.

However, Bentley, the luxury car icon, is still in love with TWO VR6 to team up his W12 angle V engine.


Common Problems of VR6

Some aging problems appear with the driving time growing.

Which is occasional and quite minor can be fixed easily.

Most common problems of the 2000 VW Jetta engine include coolant oil seal leak, engine overheating due to water pump impeller damage, and also timing chain stretching.

  1. Coolant Oil Seal Leak

Few spots in coolant may have leak out.

For example, the o-ring on ECT housing plastic pipe may have leak.

It is easy to repair, just replace the o-ring.

But keep in mind, better to replace all o-rings at 1 time, otherwise you may need back to repair shop very soon for another one.

Next, pay attention on coolant hoses as it may swell up after a number of years use.

The engine now is designed to afford very hot run, so the hose may blow up on the road if we don’t maintain it well.


  1. Water Pump Impeller Damage

The malfunction impeller is the main cause to engine overheating.  
Regular maintenance in the qualified repair shop is a must to longer and better the engine performance, you will never want to know vr6 water pump replacement cost!!!



  1. Stretched Timing Chain
(Timing mark shall be on the Align)

Volkswagen designed Jetta the timing system with metal chains to last the life longer.

Problems seem to happen commonly on those plastic guides & rails which may fail before 100,000 miles.

Slight circumstance is the noise from the chamber as chain getting loose.

The experienced repair shop will know that at this moment, the timing mark may start to out the alignment slowly.
Once the chain is stretched enough to jump out a teeth of the sproket, chain may damage the valve and piston.
vr6 timing chain replacement cost is around $1500-$4500 depends on how serious the problem is.

Timing Chain Gear Kit Upper-Single Row Fits 99-02 VW Jetta Golf VR6 2.8L AFP V6 - #HJ-24031
timing chain guide rail hjl autoparts
(Rail guide caused the timing system problem)

Some cases were happened in the tensioners failed and allowed valves to hit pistons.
It is also big expense then; will cost you big fortune.
Same here again, if the tensioner is poor quality and can't apply the proper tension onto chain, the problem starts to happen.
Experienced mechanics and durable car parts are both crucial to keep our car in good situation.

Timing Chain Kit w/ Upper Double Row Chain Fits VW Jetta Golf Passat 2.8L V6 SOHC VR6 AAA Engine 1995-99 with Gears - #HJ-24040


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