5 Car Maintenance Tips to let Your Car Last Longer

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Car Maintenance Keeps Car in Good Status
People wonder about car maintenance schedule to my new car.
What need to do when conducting maintenance and repair? How often needs to do? And what's the secret to last it longer?
Check what we propose here and you'll like the tips we tell you.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind
1. Engine Oil Change
People ask which engine oil is best?? Well, car manufacturer told you on each car already. Check the spec like, 10W30 or 0W20 to see which type oil you shall use.
engine oil cap hjlautoparts

Each Engine requires different viscosity oil.
The proper engine oil guarantee function work smoothly. That's why they show oil spec on the cap to prevent us to use wrong type oil. Just follow the instruction, synthetic or not and change it periodically. Make sure the oil is clean by changing it regularly.

2. Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter
Transmission system operator counts lots on transmission oil. Regular transmission oil change can guarantee the fluid is clean and no dirt to influence the system. Do not believe so called "Lifetime" Transmission oil, fluid gets dirty for sure over time. Just change oil, periodically! Simple, yes, it is that simple!
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3. Coolant Fluid
For the modern car now, it is ok to change fluid every 200,000 miles or every 6-8 years. Don't let the coolant fluid level too low and it will be fine.

4. Power Steering Fluid
Make sure the fluid is clean and red. If fluid turns black, that means the fluid is way to dirty.

5. Additives No Need
If you ask is putting Additives into oil really better car performance or longer car life? I would say if we already told you the simple and efficient ways, why bother to choose the other more expensive way? Just keep all kind of oils and fluids clean. That simple!


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