What happened to my Honda Accord Linear Solenoid ?

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My Honda Accord 2006 2.0L sedan encountered the transmission replacement situation last month.

I drove it to Original Honda Service Center for checking and they informed me that the transmission was broken and need replacement.
It took me 2,000US$ including the re-manufactured transmission and 7 days labor costs.

The car rental fee US$350 is not included as i need a substitute car for commutation.
Today when i'm preparing some product research for our transmission solenoid launch, I suddenly realized that maybe i needed not to pay so much money for the transmission repair if I could know the knowledge earlier!
I also find out the solenoid parts for my Honda!!

Well, it's kind of the lucky thing as now I know how to prevent similar problem and how to make the right decision when face repair shop suggestions.

First, let me explain, WHAT'S TRANSMISSION SOLENOID?

Solenoid is an electronic component in charge of the flow of transmission fluid. 

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Its function is more like the valve to control the opening and closing time for fluid flow.

It is controlled electronically by the vehicle's Engine Control Module (ECM) or Transmission Control Module (TCM), depending on the vehicle.

Based on this principle, the smart you must know, there are different solenoids located in different positions and have different functions.



Now you're driving your car down the road.
Transmission switches the gears automatically and smoothly.

Why ? and how?

The car computer controls transmission solenoids and directs them what to do.

Put it simple, the solenoid receives the signal and control the plunger to open or close with the spring inside.


linear solenoid symptoms, linear solenoids function

Depends on plunger opening or closing, solenoid controls the fluid flows into the valve body and pressurize the desired clutches and bands.
In this way the transmission changes gears and that's why we can enjoy our driving down the road. 

With the quality maintenance for your car engine periodically, the solenoids can receive good cares from the mechanics. Normally the work shop can check if solenoids are in good situation whilst the connection of diagnose computer and engine control module and computer.


There are specific failure codes on the computer to show solenoids problem.
Later on we will also discuss more about the symptoms of a failure solenoid. 

You can also check below links for more information about solenoids.
Now, visit your repair shop first and have your car a good check!!  


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