What Causes the Failure Cam Phasers for a 5.4 Ford?

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Solid tough Ford trucks overwhelmed his fans.
Ford 4.0 sohc as well as 5.4 3V engine are wildly utilized to his truck collection.
These engines are well known with the dreaded "rattle phaser" problems.  
When it refers to ford 4.0 timing chain replacement, a failed cam phaser vvt will come across experienced mechanics minds immediately. 
Adjustable Cam Phasers Benefits?
#1 Fuel efficiency
#2 Emissions reduce
#3 Optimum engine performance
This VVT (variable valve timing) cam phaser gear design, open the door to new technology with solution to the delemma of high horsepower & oil efficient engine.
Now computer can control valve overlap timing with this adjustable cam phaser. Retarding the cams at high rpm can get higher horsepower while drive-ability is enhanced at low rpm.  
So when ECU no longer can control variable valve timing gear (VVT timing phasers) due to lack of oil pressure or the wearing of inside phaser, the phaser rattle appears.  The Cam Phaser noise comes along with poor oil efficiency performance.
What Causes Cam Phasers for 5.4 Ford Failed?
#1 Oil Pressure is too Low
Low oil pressure can't deliver proper power to the cam phaser at precise timing. It could be failure oil pump or dirty oil may lead to this problem.
#2 Oil Viscosity
Clear oil makes sure the viscosity for the oil to generate proper oil pressure. Any debris or sludge will influence oil flow and pressure.
Right oil is crucial for friction reduction & efficient function as the engine works at very high temperature. Periodical oil changing is the best way to maintain vvt gear function with proper pressure.
#3 Gear Worn Out or Damage
Time to replace timing chain kit along with cam phasers.
#4 Electric Control Unit Problems
Any tiny failures, like linear solenoid, will lead ECU failures. Once computer loses control of these cam-phaser, the bad CVVT symptoms appear.
(What does CVVT stands for & how does VVT work? Symptoms of a bad VVT?)
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