How to Fix Mercedes 7g Tronic Problems & 722.9 Conductor Plate Symptoms

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What do 722.9 conductor plate and 722.9 transmission do?
How to solve mercedes 7 speed auto gearbox problems and mercedes 7g tronic problems?
What differences 722.9 conductor plate symptoms and 722.6 transmission conductor plate symptoms and mercedes conductor plate symptoms?
Which cars have mercedes transmission recall?


Mercedes 7 speed transmission has 722.9 conductor plate which is widely installed in her early 2004 models.
722.9 TCM (transmission control module) has couple advantages such like,

1.Faster & smoother gear shifting to give drivers higher comfort
2.Better fuel economy
3.RPM & Vehicle Speed are better matching
4.Quicker response for downshift/ upshift

So by 2008, it successfully replaced the usage on all 722.6 5-speed models.

Next we’re going thru some mercedes 7 speed auto gearbox problems.

We’ll tell you the common mercedes conductor plate symptoms of the failing 722.9 transmission conductor plateMercedes Benz 722.9 TCU Transmission Control Unit Conductor Plate A 0034460310


Common symptoms when mercedes 722.9 transmission control module goes wrong:
a. Limp Mode condition appears
b. Transmission stuck in second gear
c. Erratic shifting 
d. Can't drive at speed over 40mph
e. Jolting while gears swift
f.  Check Engine Light is ON

Whenever you feel these mercedes 7g tronic problems, don't be panic!
You can check transmission fluid oil level first and drive Limp Home Mode car to your auto shop.

Very common the transmission will go into limp home mode.

This mode is designed to allow you continue to drive the car to repair shop if automatic transmission system goes wrong.

Thanks for this witty safety design; the transmission will not crash down immediately.


Very important thing is to let verified repair shops to do automatic transmission unit diagnose via OBD-II port under the dashboard.

722.9 TCU TCM conductor plate


Popular fixing way is the replace conductor plate A 0034460310 (see our 32729-83140 conductor plate)control module sensor or valve body according to error code reading results (here to see what error codes mean).

New TCU will require SCN & CVN coding which can only be performed by the dealer or an authorized repair shop.
We all know how complicated the mercedes transmission repairing is and, to be honest, not many mechanics experienced such difficult problems.

The specific processes like swift the gear in, pouring transmission fluid into chamber, then pairing the new control plate to the computer has their own order to be done.
Any step moves wrongly, not only original problem can't be solved but new error may occur!

HJL transmission team successfully helps global repair shop to shoot TCU problem via on-line remote communication.
Such dedicated process required verified mechanics experience and patience, so we strongly recommend car owners to let your auto shop to proceed whole process themselves or let your auto shop to contact us before your purchase. 


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