How Important is Timing Chain Replacement & When do You Change a Timing Chain

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How to replace timing chain and how much does it cost?
How important is a timing belt replacement?
When to change timing chain and when the timing chain will be bad?
What are the symptoms of a bad engine timing chain?
We suggest the car timing chain replacement between 80,000 and 120,000 miles.

Difference between timing chain and belt

The timing chain is part of the system rotating with crankshaft in the engine and its main responsibility is to operate the inlet and exhaust valve gear during the stroke cycle of the piston.

The contrast between timing belt and timing chain, first the timing belt has lower noise but the durability is not that good comparing to the chain. In contrast with timing chain, it's a more reliable solution which lasts longer, although timing chain is more expensive than timing belt. But if take the long term into consideration, actually it will be cheaper and more reliable over time.


The importance of regular checking of your timing chain system

When any parts of the engine timing control system are worn or damaged, directly it will affect the car performance.

A rough idling sound can indicate a worn chain, as the engine's valves are running out of sync. This will be most noticeable when we start the car as it tends to shudder or shake. If the engine damaged when driving in high speed, that may have a car accident or let driver in threatening.


We can follow two ways to make sure the status of the timing chain:

First, if a rattling or knocking sound is heard from your engine, it may be caused by a worn timing chain and the mechanic will recommend it should be diagnosed and have profound check.

Second, be attention to the correct specification of engine oil for your vehicle and have regular maintenance periodically in the repairs shop. Using premium quality engine oil and oil filters is perfect and keeping the proper oil level is lubricated. Normally the good maintained engine can give the timing chain at least 300,000 miles or even more longer life cycle.


Let’s learn some tips to check our vehicle and find a suitable timing chain kits!


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