The timing to change your engine mount!

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What is the Motor Mounts?

When you are driving your car and had been hearing noises under the hood for some time, especially upon acceleration. I think it’s time to check your engine mount, normally, each car have 3 ~ 4 engine mounts, every engine mount looks very different and have different functions!

So what is a motor mount and what is its purpose?

Motor mounts hold the engine in its proper position, especially during stops, starts, turns, and over rocky, bumpy terrain. The rubber insulator also reduces vibration and noise, cushioning the engine in the compartment. If one mount loses its stability, your engine can drop on one side or become misaligned and will place stress on the other motor mounts.

Obvious noises and especially when accelerating, shifting gears or putting the car into reverse, are indicators of the motor mounts going bad. Often, people think their transmission may be the problem. Keep in mind that the motor mounts generally do not go bad or fail suddenly. However, when they do fail, the engine will be very unstable. Typically, when motor mounts get bad, they will often affect other critical components (like your radiator, hoses, belts, and transmission linkages) and cause more extensive problems!

Also, due to each car has 3~4 mountings, sometimes the aging time is different, but if you found 1 or 2 mountings are wearing and cause some vibrations, we strongly recommend you to replace all mounts together!!


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